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IOGP partners with OGCI and Ipieca to help operators select methane mitigation technologies

September 26, 2023 — IOGP, together with industry associations the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI), and Ipieca, have released a recommended practices guide to help operators select and deploy methane detection and quantification technologies.

Graham Henley steps in as IOGP CEO

Following the recent resignation of Iman Hill, the IOGP Board of Directors has asked Graham Henley to step in as CEO on an interim basis.  

Partnership with the Energy Institute will further improve learning

To further improve learning from incidents and prevent repeat incidents, IOGP has partnered with the Energy Institute.

Member events in October: Members’ Congress and IOGP Summit

For our Members and guests there are two notable Member events happening in October this year.

Updated marine spill preparedness and response good practice guides published

In partnership with Ipieca, IOGP has released updated marine spill preparedness and response good practice guides.

IOGP to showcase good practices at Offshore Europe and World Petroleum Congress

If you are attending Offshore Europe, come and meet IOGP at stand 1E28 to talk about our key activities and good practices.

Registration open for CFIHOS 2023  

Mark your calendars: the CFIHOS (Capital Facilities Information HandOver Specification) 2023 event takes place from 18-22 September in Kingsport, Tennessee.

Study into the effectiveness of gamification techniques in workplace learning published

IOGP has published IOGP Report 668 – Gamification techniques in well control training and competency, a summary of a meta-analytical study into the effectiveness of gamification techniques in workplace learning.

Technical specification for calibration and verification of Offshore surface survey and positioning systems released

IOGP has released IOGP Report 624-02-01 – Technical specification for calibration and verification of offshore surface survey and positioning systems.

Oxy-arc underwater cutting recommended practice published

IOGP has developed IOGP Report 471 – Oxy-arc underwater cutting recommended practice to assist with managing this activity and to provide control measures and guidance to ensure safe execution.

Motor vehicle crash data reports published

Driving-related incidents have historically been the largest cause of fatalities in IOGP Member Company operations.

Annual aviation safety performance data released

IOGP has released its annual aviation safety performance data report.

IOGP Board of Directors appoints new Vice-Chair

Mr. Mohamed Firouz Asnan has been appointed Vice Chair of the IOGP Board of Directors.

IOGP welcomes Flavia Sanchez as its new Chief Financial Officer

IOGP welcomes Flavia Sanchez as IOGP’s new Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Digital Renaissance: empowering change in Digital

Emerging technologies are creating new rules for businesses and transforming the entire energy industry at an unprecedented pace.

2023 Annual Report provides comprehensive overview of IOGP achievements

IOGP has released its 2023 Annual Report, providing details of the association’s ambitions and achievements in 2022.

FPSO Decommissioning Expert group appoints Co-chairs

FPSO Decommissioning Expert group appoints Eduardo Stein Soares Dutra and Marcelo Dourado as Co-Chairs.

Navigating international offshore decommissioning regulations

This Report aims to provide a comprehensive review of the national legislation and guidelines pertaining to offshore P&A activities for 35 hydrocarbon-producing countries.

JIP33 Video Launched: Standardized Information Requirements Specification Implementation

JIP33 has published its latest training video on the use of standardized procurement specifications, this time for Information Requirement Specifications.

Enhancing Process Safety in Upstream Operations

Originally published in 2011 and now in its third edition, IOGP Report 456 – Process Safety – Recommended Practice on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) provides valuable guidance to upstream companies on the use of Key Performance Indicators to effectively manage process safety.

There’s never been a better time to be in the energy business

At last year’s AGM meeting, we spoke of two paths: one where we stick to traditional oil and gas businesses allowing us to focus on supply and energy security. The

Standards Committee appoints Cecilie A. Haarseth as Chair

The IOGP Standards Committee recently welcomed Cecilie A. Haarseth of ExxonMobil as its new Chair. We caught up with her to find out more about her experience, this role, and how she plans to steer the Committee.

Helping the industry move forward on DE&I

The Workforce Energy baseline study is now nearly complete and is the product of intensive effort from our Members and external experts. You can pre-order a copy at the IOGP Publications library.

Balancing Energy Transition and Production at OTC

On Thursday 4th May, Concetto Fischetti, IOGP Energy Transition Director, will speak at OTC’s Balancing Energy Transition and Production panel session.

New edition of IOGP Report 476 – Recommendations for enhancements to well control training, examination and certification

IOGP’s Wells Expert Committee has released an updated version of IOGP Report 476 – Recommendations for enhancements to well control training, examination, and certification.

IOGP is a delighted to be exhibiting at Offshore Technology Conference 2023

If you are attending the Offshore Technology Conference 2023, 1-4 May, we would love to see you at booth S15, where you can meet the IOGP team.

IOGP Geomatics 11th Industry Day: Geomatics in the Energy Transition

The IOGP Geomatics 11th Industry Day, co-hosted by IOGP, bp, and Shell, highlighted the importance of the geomatics discipline in an ever-evolving industry.

GIGS: playing a key role in raising awareness of geospatial integrity

IOGP interviewed Josh Townsend, Chair of IOGP’s GIGS Expert Group, about the GIGS project, its benefits to industry, and its success to date.

Industry-wide digital transformation can help deliver the energy transition

When IOGP’s Digital Transformation Committee completes its work, engineers might work very differently than they work today.

Shift from in-person to virtual training during pandemic resulted in low interaction between students and instructors

Using test results, simulator experiences, and a survey of over 500 students and instructors, IOGP studied the impact of virtual learning on well control competency

IOGP identifies potential causal factors in personal safety incidents

Insights from IOGP’s Safety Committee indicate lingering effects from the COVID-19 pandemic, increased industry activity, and geopolitical instability as potential causal factors for key safety indicators for our industry moving in the wrong direction.

Eye tracking technology could lead to safety improvements in well control operations

An IOGP study has found that eye tracking technology is an effective analysis tool and has the potential to be of value in other human performance areas that affect wells operations, and enable future safety improvements for well control.

Well Control Incident Definitions published

IOGP has published Well Control Incident Definitions ­­ a classification system for Well Control Incidents (WCIs).

IOGP team race across the Moroccan desert for charity

This month, IOGP Europe sponsored a team in the 4L Trophy, a humanitarian rally in aid of Moroccan school children.

IOGP releases Land Survey Data Model (LSDM)

(London) IOGP’s Land Survey Data Model (LSDM) is available now. This release continues IOGP Geomatics Committee practice of maintaining an ‘out-of-the-box’ data model template to manage survey data within a geodatabase.

Pivoting traditional oil and gas operations to new generation energy solutions

Held under the patronage and attendance of His Excellency Abdel Fattah El Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Egypt Petroleum Show sits at the heart of the African and Mediterranean oil, gas and energy conversation.

International Energy Week will highlight successful examples of energy transition 

This year’s International Energy Week features a range of high-profile speakers from across the energy sector, discussing key issues that are crucial for a just energy transition.

Now Available: Ipieca-IOGP compendium of energy and GHG efficient technologies and practices

The most economical method of reducing GHG emissions is to reduce energy consumed. To raise awareness and uptake of energy efficient technologies and practices for use across the industry value chain, IOGP and Ipieca have published an updated compendium of 13 energy and GHG-efficient technologies and practices.  

Medical emergency response preparation is vital

According to the International Labour Organization’s 2020 figures, every year, more than 2.78 million people die because of occupational accidents or work-related diseases, while there are some 374 million non-fatal work-related injuries.

New guidance supports use of the Land Survey Data Model

Topographic and other features mapped during land surveys in oil and gas exploration and production are currently collected in a variety of file types and formats.

Review of subsea well response capability published

In 2011, in response to several damaging oil spill incidents, IOGP Member Companies formed the Global Industry Response Group (GIRG) to ensure that the lessons from these events were applied across the industry.

Decommissioning workshop held on Comparative Assessment processes

In September 2022, the IOGP Decommissioning Committee held a workshop on Comparative Assessment (CA) to agree upon guiding principles for a genuine CA, discuss the perception of bias, and explore developments and good practices in the five common criteria of comparative assessments.

Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) Recommendations published

IOGP has carried out a systematic review of managed pressure drilling systems and components to identify opportunities for further improvements to existing standards and references.

CCS on the Subsea agenda

What are the roles and requirements for subsea systems in the carbon capture space? That was the topic of a recent Subsea Committee workshop.

Lord Browne addresses Members’ Congress

The Members of the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) met face-to-face for the first time in three years for the IOGP Members’ Congress and 48th Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).

11th Geomatics Industry day to focus on the energy transition

This year’s IOGP Geomatics Industry Day will focus on the role that Geomatics plays in the energy transition through delivery of cost competitive and operational efficiency and management of HSSE risks and geospatial data solutions as enablers for existing oil and gas and future energy business.

First Energy Transition recommended practices, guidelines, and technical paper published

IOGP’s new Energy Transition Directorate is acting as a catalyst for the industry’s low carbon agenda.

IOGP Data: 40 ways IOGP is increasing transparency

Every year, IOGP collects data on upstream operations from around the world from onshore and offshore assets, participating Members, and their contractor employees.

Guidance aims to increase clarity and reduce ambiguous technical requirements

Projects in the oil and gas industry are large and complex, and project execution can be negatively affected by unclear or ambiguous technical requirements.

The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) announces a new Chair

Kim McHugh, Vice President of Wells, Chevron, will be heading the Board of the global Association as it enters its 49th year. Based in Houston, Texas, in the United States,

Lord Browne’s keynote address

IOGP was honoured to have Lord Browne as keynote speaker for the 2022 Members’ Congress. 

My dad’s hopes, my son’s opinions – and my actions

Fuzzy Bitar’s speech at the IOGP Members’ Congress, November 2022

New study identifies Europe’s supply options to replace Russian gas before 2030

As Europe moves away from Russian gas, following its invasion of Ukraine, several questions on natural gas supply were left unanswered. Together with API, IOGP Europe mobilized our industry’s knowledge and asked Rystad Energy to explore if, how, and when Russian imports could be replaced.

IOGP endorses Guyana Basins Summit and Exhibition

IOGP was delighted to endorse the Guyana Basins Summit, held in Georgetown, from 4-6 October 2022. 

Just published: Learning from Normal Work guidance

IOGP has launched guidance to support operational and corporate leaders in improving learning and extracting actionable lessons from everyday operations.

Men are allies

IOGP’s Women in Energy discussed gender equality with Fuzzy Bitar, Senior Vice President Health, Safety, Environment & Carbon at bp and IOGP Chair. Fuzzy is a husband and father of two.

New guidance on Remote Quality Surveillance (RQS)

The Subsea Installation Committee has now released IOGP Report 609 – Guidance for remote quality surveillance that provides the industry with recommended practices related to the use of RQS.

Three aviation recommended practices published

These Reports are all part of IOGP’s aviation safety management series: the Oil and Gas Aviation Recommended Practices, or OGARP. Developed by the Aviation Subcommittee of IOGP’s Safety Committee, the series will offer comprehensive guidance, covering all aspects of aviation operations, for companies and contractors.

IOGP chairs subsea response session at Interspill

At Interspill 2022, Diana Khatun, IOGP’s Senior Manager for Security, Subsea, and Wells, chaired a session on subsea response, addressing subsea readiness, R&D on subsea dispersants and learnings from a large-scale exercises.

Geomatics Committee appoints new Chair

The IOGP Geomatics Committee welcomes Zurinah Yen Puasa of Shell, Vice Chair of IOGP’s Geomatics Committee, as the new Chair.  Her experience and knowledge of the industry will help drive growth and give geomatics more influence as we move into the energy transition. We caught up with her to find out more about her experience, this role, and how she plans to help grow geomatics contributions to the industry.

New study identifies Europe’s supply options to replace Russian gas before 2030

New research released by the International Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) Europe and the American Petroleum Institute (API) shows Europe can progressively rebalance its gas supply and replace Russian gas imports well before 2030, despite short term challenges and significant impact to society.

Collaboration, commitment and decarbonization: Supporting Egypt’s oil and gas industry in their path to net zero

With COP27 on the horizon, all eyes are on the oil and gas sector and our vital role in delivering net zero and the energy transition. Both subjects are top

New safety guidance addresses role of pore pressure fracture gradient in well control incidents

Uncertainties related to PPFG have caused well control incidents to occur, and well control incident analysis has identified PPFG understanding and communication as a key underlying factor.

IOGP safety database – largest database of E&P safety performance – releases 2021 data  

This year’s safety performance indicators report (IOGP Report 2021s) highlights safety’s critical role in our industry.

Join IOGP at Interspill 2022

IOGP is proud to be a supporting partner of Interspill 2022. Taking place 21-23 June in Amsterdam.

Why perfect is the enemy of the (very) good in the energy transition

I’ve always said that when it comes to innovation, perfect is the enemy of the (very) good.

Thermoplastic Composite Pipes Task Force identifies potential failure mechanisms

Thermoplastic composite pipes are a relatively new technology with the potential to be an attractive choice for offshore applications.

Start Work Checks now available in 25 languages

IOGP’s Start Work Checks (SWC), a human performance tool designed to enable organizations to implement the Life-Saving Rules more effectively in the workplace, are now available in 25 languages

Annual report showcases 2021 achievements

IOGP’s new 2021 Annual Report showcases what IOGP has delivered over the last 12 months and what ambitions it has set for itself and the industry.

Subsea digitalization and electric VXT workshop summary published

IOGP’s Subsea Committee has published an executive summary of its subsea digitalization and electrification workshop.

Environmental Genomics JIP featured in APPEA Journal

Members of IOGP’s Environmental Genomics Joint Industry Programme have co-authored a paper that features in the APPEA Journal.

Energy at a crossroads: which way next?

Speech by Fuzzy Bitar, IOGP chair and SVP HSE & carbon, bp at IOGP’s AGM 2022

A clear direction in unclear times…

Like you, I have been gripped by the crisis in Ukraine. The invasion is a crime, the humanitarian situation a tragedy, and the disruption to the energy supply a ticking time bomb. It’s obvious why this is front and centre of every media channel, social media post, and debate in our homes. 

First shipment of critical specialised energy equipment coordinated by the Energy Community Secretariat arrives in Ukraine

The first shipment of emergency equipment to help repair energy infrastructure damaged during the war coordinated by the Energy Community Secretariat has arrived in Ukraine.

Vaccinations – one of the most important COVID-19 mitigation measures  

Last November, to help companies understand vaccine efficacy and provide them with policy development guidance to achieve high rates of vaccination amongst staff, IOGP and Ipieca updated their joint position paper on COVID-19 vaccines. Five months on, we met up with Guillermo Gomez Diaz (Eni) and Hans Berg (Shell) to ask them to share their thoughts on the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic and whether vaccinations are still necessary.

Re-Powering the EU by protecting well-functioning markets, enhancing strategic partnerships, and boosting domestic production

In March, IOGP published a press release to state its support for the European Union’s objective to ensure access to affordable, secure, and sustainable energy, recognize current challenges and circumstances in global energy markets, and call for well-designed measures to address them.

IOGP response to IEA Global Methane Tracker Report

IOGP welcomes the IEA’s continued focus on methane emissions and recognizes that the industry, as a whole, still has progress to make on methane measurement, reporting, and mitigation. However, IOGP feels it is necessary to highlight a number of points in the report that were excluded in media coverage and that may lead to an incomplete understanding of the complexity of managing methane emissions.

Recommended practices for Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) deployment published

IOGP’s Metocean Committee has published IOGP Report 607 Recommended practices for Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) deployment.

Geomatics can play a pivotal energy transition role

The pivotal role of geomatics in achieving the energy transition was underlined at the IOGP/Petrobras 10th Geomatics Industry Day held on 7-8 December, 2021.

European environmental performance indicators report published

With the publication of Environmental performance indicators – Europe 2020 data, IOGP has provided the public with the most up-to-date information on the performance of IOGP Member Companies in Europe.

JIP33 launches engagement questionnaire

JIP33 (IOGP’s Standardization of Procurement Specifications programme) is developing an industry standardised procurement specification for plate heat exchangers and is inviting suppliers to participate in the pre-framing phase of its development process.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion is not a woman vs man thing….

Iman Hill, IOGP Executive Director Pleased to see a rise in the number of posts about women in business and industry. But I have a small personal request/suggestion. Please can

IOGP response to IEA Global Methane Tracker Report

IOGP welcomes the IEA’s continued focus on methane emissions and recognises that the industry, as a whole, still has progress to make on methane measurement, reporting and mitigation. However, IOGP feels it is necessary to highlight a number of points in the report that were excluded in media coverage and that may lead to an incomplete understanding of the complexity of managing methane emissions.

Trident Energy joins IOGP 

IOGP welcomes its newest member, Trident Energy – an expert in redeveloping mid-life oil and gas assets.

Start Work Checks: a new way to improve safety

Before you leave the house, do you check to make sure you have your wallet, keys, and phone? Congratulations, you have completed a Start Work Check (SWC).

Inclusion of gas in the Taxonomy Regulation supports EU ambition to reach climate neutrality by 2050

By including gas in the EU Taxonomy Complementary Delegated Act, the Commission has underlined the importance of financing investments into gas-fired power and heat plants as a key tool in decarbonizing the EU economy.

Decarbonization technologies will be on the agenda in Korea

Iman Hill, IOGP Executive Director, will participate in the ‘Innovative technologies – challenges, opportunities and uncertainties in gas markets’ panel at the 28th World Gas Conference, in Korea, in May.

A step forward for flexible pipe safety in operations

IOGP has built upon existing industry standards and specifications for flexible pipes with the publication of a new guideline on the qualification of internal pressure sheaths in flexible pipe that offers robust testing procedures for critical infrastructure.

Dispersant decision toolkit now available

Did you know that dispersants can be an effective way of minimizing the overall ecological and socioeconomic damage of oil spills, enhancing natural biodegradation processes, and preventing oil from reaching coastal habitats and shorelines?

Metocean reports published to improve understanding of climate change on tropical cyclones

IOGP’s Metocean Committee has published an overview of the current state of and recent developments in short-term forecasting of tropical cyclones.

S-560 LV Switchgear and Controlgear launched for public review

JIP33 has issued the S-560 LV Switchgear and Controlgear specification for public review.  The consultation period will run for 5 weeks and will close on Monday, 07 March 2022 at 23:00 GMT.

A new year brings two new members to IOGP

We welcome two new Members, Dana Gas and DNV

Zero-carbon future: Iman Hill to speak at EGYPS

Iman Hill, IOGP’s Executive Director, will share insights on environmental sustainability as the way towards a zero-carbon future at the EGYPS HSE in Energy Conference.

Two JIP33 specifications issued for public review

JIP33 has issued two specifications for public review.

Supporting the digital transformation journey – key milestones

IOGP’s Requirements Digitalisation Task Force (RDTF), an initiative to promote the digitalisation of technical requirements across the oil and gas supply chain, reached several key milestones throughout 2021, with the publication of a position paper, a guidance report and associated training materials.

IOGP, IPIECA, and the World Bank Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership (GGFR) to launch ‘Flaring management guidance for the oil and gas industry’

The critical challenge of transforming the world’s energy systems to meet the needs of a growing global population, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions on the pathway to a net-zero future, requires unprecedented collaboration across all sectors and countries.

Communications Manager wanted

IOGP Europe is currently looking for a Communications Manager based in Brussels, reporting to the Senior Manager for Strategic Communications & Media.

Sound and Marine Life JIP issues Synthesis Report RFP

Since 2014, the Sound and Marine Life Joint Industry Programme (JIP) has enabled more than 40 research projects to be funded. Now, with most of these projects completed, and as it enters a new phase, it is seeking to compile a synthesis report to cover its achievements.

We’re in this together. Collaboration – the key to unlocking the energy transition

Collaboration in the key to unlocking the energy transition, writes Iman Hill, IOGP Executive Director

Start Work Checks can help implement Life-saving Rules

With Start Work Checks, IOGP introduces a human performance tool designed to enable organizations to more effectively implement the Rules in the workplace.

Industry Day shows how geomatics is contributing to the energy transition

In December, IOGP’s 10th Geomatics Industry Day, organized jointly with Petrobras, attracted over 150 attendees who learned how this discipline is contributing to the energy transition.

Environment Committee Manager wanted

Interested in helping to shape the environmental performance of one of the world’s biggest industries? Want to work on Sound & Marine Life, Environmental Data, Oil Spill Response and Management? Come work with #IOGP and make a difference to how the oil and gas industry manages its environmental challenges. Apply if you think you’re up for the task!

Press Release: Gas market reform marks a step change in EU approach to the transition

IOGP has published a press release on the European Commission’s gas market overhaul proposal.

Bringing standardization to life: the Global Equipment Hub

When the downturn took hold in 2014, there was widespread recognition that the industry needed to make significant changes to how it operated. Inefficiency, it was clear, was a major challenge.

3 questions… on JIP33

In each edition of Pulse, we publish a short interview with an IOGP colleague or committee member. This month’s interview is with David Harris, Manager – JIP33 Published Specifications.

Online EGM showcases IOGP activities

This year’s IOGP Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) event showcased the Associations activities to 302 guests who logged in from all corners of the globe.

The conversation we’re not having…

Fuzzy Bitar’s opening speech at the 2021 IOGP EGM

IOGP welcomes Omayma Khan as its new Communications Director

Omayma Khan has been appointed IOGP’s new Communications Director.

Visit us in Houston, at the 23rd World Petroleum Congress

We invite our readers to visit us at our booth at the World Petroleum Congress, and to attend the executive panel: “Safety and Security Culture in the New Environment”, with Iman Hill, which takes place on Tuesday, 7 December.

Geomatics Industry Day will focus on emerging technologies for a low carbon future

The 2021 IOGP / Petrobras 10th Geomatics Industry Day will explore emerging technologies for deepwater survey and geospatial operations, in a low carbon future. It takes place on December 7th-8th.

Reusing European oil and gas infrastructure for hydrogen and CCS

With hydrogen and CCS deployment back on the EU political agenda, it is important that policymakers have an accurate picture of where we stand today, and where we can go from here.

New GIGS platform published

IOGP has published a new digital GIGS framework.

Understanding COVID-19 vaccine efficacy

In November, IOGP and IPIECA published a position paper on COVID-19 vaccines which aims to help companies understand vaccine efficacy and provides guidance for company policy development aimed at achieving high rates of vaccination amongst staff.

Oil spill surveillance planning guidance published

This month,  IPIECA and IOGP released IOGP-IPIECA Report 644 – ‘Oil spill surveillance planning guidance’. This document has been developed to help operators navigate the steps involved in implementing and maintaining a surveillance programme during a response to an oil spill.

A metocean-driven transition

The transition to a low carbon future offers a huge set of challenges to us all – from how we heat our homes to how the companies we work for will enable the transition.

3 questions … on Metocean

In each edition of our newsletter, we publish a short interview with an IOGP colleague or Committee Member. This Pulse’s interview is with the Chair of the Metocean Committee, Oli Jones.

EGM21: Building on our strong foundations and Engineering our way through the Energy Transition

This year, our Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) is a virtual, online event. We are taking advantage of the virtual format by opening the sessions up to all Member employees registered with IOGP.
Registration is now open.

IOGP on BBC World News TV

This month, IOGP’s Executive Director, Iman Hill, was a guest on the BBC’s World News’ ‘Talking Business with Aaron Heslehurst’. BBC World News has a global weekly audience of over

New face at IOGP

On September 20th, Tosin Oloja joined IOGP as a Communications Assistant. Tosin will be responsible for support in the social media activities of the Association, as well as contribute to

IOGP launches a new Task Force to deliver Common Industry Technical Specification for Fundamental Survey Sensors

(London) Efficiency and standardization continue to be key watchwords for the industry as it recovers from the Corona virus epidemic and strives ever-harder to deliver safer, low cost and lower

IOGP is delighted to support the 23rd World Petroleum Congress

Returning to the United States for the first time in over 30 years, the 23rd World Petroleum Congress will transform Houston, Texas into the epicenter of the global energy debate

Oil and gas is vital to an orderly energy transition

Oil and gas will meet 46% percent of the global energy demand in 2030 – according to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA)  2021 World Energy Outlook Sustainable Development Scenario.

How IOGP is delivering a low carbon future

We live in a world where billions of tons of greenhouse gases are added to the atmosphere every year. Tackling climate change and achieving a low carbon future while meeting global energy demand is one of the greatest challenges of our lifetime. We all – the industry, governments, and society – have a responsibility to help achieve the Paris Agreement goals.

3 Questions …  on Energy Transition

In each edition of Pulse, we publish a short interview with an IOGP colleague or Committee Member. This month’s interview is with Concetto Fischetti, IOGP’s recently appointed Energy Transition Director.

20 years old, IOGP database maintains vital role as environmental performance benchmark

For twenty years, IOGP has collected and published environmental data from its Member Companies. The latest edition, IOGP Report 2020e – Environmental performance indicators – 2020 data, and an executive summary, are available to download from IOGP’s publications library.

Industry panel all agree: collaboration is urgently needed

Iman Hill told the opening plenary panel of Offshore Europe 21 that the oil and gas industry needs to be seen as a ‘genuine partner’ in the transition to a low carbon future.

Suriname’s First International Oil & Gas Conference & Exhibition launches in October 2021

October 5Th to 7th, 2021 will witness the inaugural edition of SIPEX 2021, which is already being touted as the most anticipated and premier Oil & Gas Summit and Exhibition in Suriname.

IOGP welcomes Johana Dunlop as new Membership Engagement Manager

As of 1 September, Johana Dunlop will join the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) as Membership Engagement Manager.

Wendy Brown passes on the baton: IOGP welcomes Harvey Johnstone as new Environment Director

Harvey Johnstone has been appointed the Association’s new Environment Director starting 1 September 2021. He follows Wendy Brown, who returns to TotalEnergies after her 4 years’ secondment to IOGP.

International Association of Oil & Gas Producers presents new strategy and appoints Energy Transition Director

Iman Hill: “We are an enabling partner for a low carbon future, pioneering excellence in safe, efficient and sustainable energy supply. Now is the time to make our voice heard.”

IADC launches subsea technician credentialing program

IADC, an IOGP Member organisation, has announced the launch of a Subsea Competency Assessment Program.

IOGP’s new strategy – driving performance and value delivery

Over the past eight months the Association conducted a comprehensive strategic review to answer key questions around the current and future format of the Association and effectiveness of its offerings,

3 questions on IOGP’s strategic review

In each edition of Pulse, we publish a short interview with an IOGP colleague or Committee Member. This month’s interview is with Iman Hill, IOGP’s Executive Director. What impressed you

‘New horizons, new strategy’

Speech by Fuzzy Bitar, IOGP chair and SVP HSE & carbon, bp at IOGP’s virtual Members’ Meet Up

Clear and precise requirements can improve project outcomes

Projects in the oil and gas industry are large and complex, and project execution can be negatively affected by unclear or ambiguous technical requirements. So, greater precision in the drafting of requirements for use in the oil and gas industry will make projects easier to manage and reduce risk.

IOGP-IPIECA Health Committee statement on COVID-19 testing in the oil and gas industry

This document aims to provide clarity on the current types of testing, the opportunities and limitations they provide and a method to assess if testing is appropriate for a specific operational site or organization. It will be reviewed on a monthly basis, or sooner if appropriate.

IOGP is recruiting

IOGP is recruiting for an Environment Director and a Membership Manager.

Unattended facilities – a future vision or within our grasp today?

It’s 2030. New facilities and field clusters are fully electrified. Drones autonomously patrol the skies and underwater infrastructure, checking for leaks or integrity issues.

3 questions on Standards

In each edition of Pulse, we publish a short interview with an IOGP colleague or Committee Member. This month’s interview is with Sajeev Menon, IOGP’s recently appointed Standards Manager.

To the Moon and Back!

A successful transition to a lower carbon future starts with a clear understanding of the dimensions of the challenge ahead of us.

Oli Jones to lead the Metocean Committee

IOGP’s Metocean Committee has elected Oliver (Oli) Jones of bp as Chair. He succeeds James Stear of Chevron.

Why get vaccinated?

Watch the video and find out why IOGP-IPIECA Health Committee members are looking forward to getting vaccinated.

JIP33 to pilot Global Equipment Hub

Following a recommendation from IOGP’s Global Equipment Hub (GEH)  Task Force, JIP33 is piloting an Equipment Hub for equipment that conforms with JIP33 specifications.

Oil and gas: towards a lower carbon future

Now, more than ever, there is increasing demand to reduce GHG emissions in the oil and gas sector. Read about two upcoming webinars that will address this topic.

WEC survey to determine the effectiveness of virtual learning following the impact of COVID-19

IOGP’s Wells Expert Committee (WEC) has commissioned IAS International Oil & Gas Consultants to conduct a survey to determine the effectiveness of virtual learning following the impact of COVID-19.

Two IOGP JIPs are accepted as Ocean Decade Actions

Great news! Our #OceanDecade submissions for Sound and Marine Life and Environment Genomics have been accepted by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC-UNESCO) and will be categorized as Ocean Decade contributions.

The promise of carbon capture and storage, and a Texas-sized call to action

ExxonMobil believes, and experts agree, that carbon capture and storage (CCS) will need to play a critical role if countries are to meet the emissions-reduction goals outlined in the Paris Agreement, says Joe Blommaert,

bp introduces new sustainability aims

Ivana Mamic, bp’s senior vice president for sustainability, introduces bp’s new sustainability aims

To err is human: understanding how mistakes happen

We know that human factors are a significant contributor to many workplace incidents; we often hear statistics like ‘80% of well control incidents have been attributed to human errors.’ Yet, it’s an area that’s notoriously hard to tackle. Humans are, after all, human.

3 questions on the Wells Expert Committee

In each edition of Pulse, we publish a short interview with an IOGP colleague or Committee Member. This month’s interview is with the Chair and Vice Chair of the Wells Expert Committee: Paul Forman (bp) – Chair, and Norbert van Beelen (Shell) – Vice-Chair. 

IOGP statement on IEA Net Zero Roadmap

London 18th May 2021. Today, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has published their Net zero Roadmap. It calls for the joining of efforts to achieve the goals of the Paris

Iman Hill on Energy Transition Now Podcast

Listen to the Energy Transition Now Podcast with Iman Hill.

Welcome to Team IOGP!

IOGP welcomes Sajeev Menon and Iskren Kirilov.

DISC Task Force finds Project Lifecycle Management can benefit oil and gas projects

An IOGP Task Force has concluded that Product Lifecycle Management – a standardized approach to the assigning, modification, transfer, and use of information across the industry – will improve efficiency, reduce costs, and create value.

Securing a sustainable future energy system through strategy, collaboration, and innovation

IOGP is a delighted to be a supporting partner of the Citizens Energy Congress. The event, which takes place virtually on 15-16 June 2021, will bring together a broad spectrum of energy industry professionals, policy makers, investors, and civil society.

IOGP in the media

In an interview with Subsea World Brazil , Wafik Beydoun shared how IOGP is promoting safe, responsible and sustainable exploration and production in the Americas.

CFIHOS wins prestigious international award

CFIHOS has been awarded a 2021 Excellence Award by DAMA (the Data Management Association).

“Hydrogen for Europe” study launch

We are proud to announce the launch of the Hydrogen for Europe study, nearly two years after its inception!

IOGP publishes subsea source control competency and skills guidance

Guidance for Subsea Source Control Competency and Skills (IOGP-IPIECA Report 591) was developed to share guidance with those interested in understanding subsea well response competency and the skills that sit within it.

Reimagining decommissioning is creating exciting opportunities

In the 1970s, the building of huge offshore facilities inspired awe, and now, a new feat is taking place that is just as remarkable – decommissioning it.

3 questions …   on decommissioning

In each edition of Pulse, we publish a short interview with an IOGP colleague or Committee Member. This month’s interview is with Siew-Ping Teo, IOGP’s recently appointed Decommissioning Manager.

Part of the Solution…

When the oil and gas industry says that we’re part of the solution to the global need to transition to lower carbon energy sources, we mean it, and we evidence it with our actions. However, many people automatically dismiss anything coming from our industry, or label it “greenwashing”.

IOGP’s Brussels office welcomes new team members

IOGP Europe welcomes three new team members

Underwater sound – Perspective from the oil and gas offshore industry in Europe

This policy brief gives an overview of underwater sound and how it is managed.

IOGP-IPIECA publishes pandemic response guidance

To provide guidance on how the industry can respond to pandemics, earlier this month the joint IOGP-IPIECA Health Committee published a new guidance document, Pandemic management in the oil and gas industry (IOGP-IPIECA Report 605).

Living on a data island

An IOGP Task Force study has concluded that the oil and gas industry’s digitalization transformation has only just begun, despite having worked with increasingly large volumes of data and applying digital solutions for many years.

Women in Energy

As the sector moves towards a sustainable future, hear from women across the energy sector in our new series Women in Energy. The first interview is coming soon.

Virtual Suriname event offers opportunity to advance oil spill prevention and response.

IOGP is delighted to endorse the technical content of the Cross-Border Coordination in Spill Prevention and Response in Suriname-Guyana Basin event, scheduled for 27-28 April 2021.

Reframing Oil and Gas

Some weeks ago, I published my first article on LinkedIn, not entirely sure how it would resonate. I am touched and encouraged by all your comments and, more importantly, by the level of engagement and passion.  My thanks to everyone who took the time to share their views.  I am not naive, one short article is no more than a drop in the ocean, but I trust that a diversity of thoughts only helps to amplify the truth and begins to quell the noise.

An inconvenient Truth…..

One plus one equals two. The earth is not flat. The oil and gas industry isn’t doing any good for the planet. Right? Many don’t even think about it or question the headlines. Oil and gas are perceived as relics of our past, with no place in the future. And the world can easily do without our industry. “Keep it in the ground” is such a logical concept, isn’t it?

Shaping the future of health, safety and environment (HSE)

Fuzzy Bitar discussed the future of health, safety and environment (HSE) at Oil and Gas UK’s HSE Conference.

DISC 2021 Plans Announced

After a review of its role and strategy in January, the Digitalization and Information Standards Subcommittee (DISC) has announced its plans for 2021.

Establishing a common terminology: a key step to reducing methane emissions

The whole gas industry joins forces in issuing a glossary on methane emissions. Having such a document is crucial to improve awareness and know-how. It is a tool of reference for the legislative process taking place this year. It also useful for anyone wishing to enhance their knowledge of CH4 emissions mitigation and management.

We need to talk about oil and gas

We’re living in a world where, as the 1960s pop artist Andy Warhol predicted, we can all have our 15 minutes of fame. The ability to reach a mass audience has become as easy as posting a catchy TikTok video.

“Every single person can help”

Interview with Iman Hill, IOGP Executive Director

How the oil and gas industry contributes to a lower carbon future

There is more than one way to achieve a lower carbon future. Countries are taking different approaches, reflecting their unique demand dynamics, capabilities, and cultures.

IOGP joins GloFouling partnership

On 17 February, IOGP was formally approved as an official ‘observer’ member of the ‘Global Industry Alliance (GIA) for Marine Biosafety’ part of the GEF-UNDP-IMO GloFouling Partnerships Project, an initiative funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and administered by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

IOGP welcomes new Decommissioning Manager 

On 1 March, Siew Ping Teo joined IOGP as the Association’s new Decommissioning Manager.

Thank you for the feedback!

Following an online survey in early 2020, we launched our monthly newsletter Pulse. One year later we asked for feedback.

The danger of doing nothing

International Women’s Day is a great chance to celebrate my mother, wife, sister, daughter and all the women that have made a difference in my life.

3 questions…. on Geomatics

Lucyna (Lucy) Kryla-Straszewska, IOGP Geomatics and Metocean Manager, describes the work of the Geomatics Committee

‘P’ is for positioning

IOGP releases new P7/17 wellbore positioning data exchange format

Management Committee Update

IOGP has welcomed Kimberly (Kim) McHugh to its Management Committee.

Americas – fruitful collaboration continues  

How IOGP, API and AMEXHI jointly help advance operational performance.

Three Sound and Marine Life Members to retire after years of service

IOGP thanks Mike Jenkerson, Linda Zimmerman and Gary Isaksen for their support and guidance.

4 ways IOGP is advancing industry-wide information standards

IOGP’s Digitalization and Information Standards Subcommittee (DISC), now chaired by Emile Coetzer (Chevron), is committed to advancing information standards and digitalization opportunities.

Joint IOGP-IPIECA position on COVID-19 vaccine usage

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS CoV-2), continues to spread. SARS-CoV-2 is now present in every continent apart from Antarctica.

A new year, a new emphasis on well-being

There is nothing like an enduring, global crisis to focus the mind on things that really matter. When that crisis is health-related, it is only natural that greater emphasis is placed on peoples’ well-being.

3 questions… on IOGP developments in well-being

This month’s interview is with the Chair of the joint IOGP-IPIECA Health Committee, Hans Berg, Shell

European Board holds first meeting

On 13 January 2021, the newly created European Board held its first meeting, and elected Dawn Summers – Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Wintershall Dea – as Chair.

Iman Hill gives Keynote Speech at Mediterranean Gas & Energy Week 2021

At this week’s Mediterranean Gas & Energy Week, Iman Hill, IOGP’s Executive Director, reflected on the unprecedented situation the oil and gas industry is facing and outlined how the Association is supporting its members in areas such as safety, environmental performance, methane emissions mitigation, standardization and more.

IOGP in the media

Iman Hill, IOGP’s new Executive Director, was featured in Upstream Online: “We have to work with each other, not against each other.”

IOGP Publications Library launched

As first part of a digital relaunch project, IOGP has updated its Publications library, formerly known as the IOGP Bookstore. The refreshed Publications Library hopes to improve dissemination of the

New boss Hill aims for ‘vocal and clear’ advocacy

Iman Hill, IOGP’s new Executive Director was featured in Upstream Online: “We have to work with each other, not against each other”. Read the full article (paywall) here: New boss

Iman Hill outlines ‘litmus test’ for oil and gas industry

Iman Hill, recently appointed as the new executive director of the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) wrote the following article for Energy Voice (29/12/2020) on the current

Welcome Iman – Thank you Gordon!

On 1 December IOGP welcomed Iman Hill as its new Executive Director. She is succeeding Gordon Ballard, who will step down at the end of the year, following his five-year tenure.

“I am full of ideas”

Interview with the Association’s new Executive Director, Iman Hill

IOGP’s 2020 EGM – a virtual tour d’horizon

On 18th and 19th November, the Association showcased the exceptional work of its Committees in IOGP’s first virtual Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

More Personnel News

Effective January 2021, Adri Postema, currently JIP33 Programme Director, will become the Association’s Engineering Director. In this capacity, Adri will be responsible for IOGP’s Standards, Subsea, Geomatics, and Metocean Committees, as well as continuing his role with JIP33.

2020: A year of close collaboration

There is a lot to say about 2020. And the first thoughts that spring to mind are most probably not the most positive. The pandemic’s impacts have been severe. Still, as the year draws to a close, it is worth remembering how much IOGP’s Members achieved in 2020, despite COVID-19 constraints.

Process safety:  the fundamental things apply

By following the 10 process safety fundamentals outlined in IOGP Report 638 – Process Safety Fundamentals, frontline workers can eliminate fatal or high severity safety events.

Europe: 57 industry leaders call for enhancing gas’ contribution to decarbonization

On 19 October, 57 CEOs and representatives from the gas value chain – including IOGP and several of our Member Companies – sent a letter to EU institutions, calling for a Sustainable Finance policy framework that enables the contribution of gas to decarbonization efforts.

JIP33 – Standardizing Procurement Specifications – our 2020

The JIP33 programme has had an extremely productive year. We’ve reached some major milestones this year: more than doubling the amount of published specifications, setting up our second delivery centre in Houston, and establishing the EPC Partner Group, which now has 11 members.

Year of Renewal for CFIHOS

Looking back on the CFIHOS programme in 2020, by Peter Townsend

Let’s talk about offshore structures

In November, IOGP ran two successful technical webinars, attracting over 300 attendees per session.

Iman Hill leads international oil and gas producers

The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) welcomes Iman Hill as its new Executive Director effective today. She is succeeding Gordon Ballard, who will step down at the end of the year, following his five-year tenure.

Our industry in crisis: weathering the storm

Fuzzy Bitar’s opening speech at the 2020 IOGP EGM

Methane Guiding Principles: the momentum continues

Founded in 2017 as a voluntary, international multi-stakeholder partnership between industry and non-industry organisations, Methane Guiding Principles (MGP) is working to reduce methane emissions along the entire natural gas value chain.

3  questions… on the EU Methane Strategy and how it relates to the global oil and gas industry

In each edition of Pulse, we publish a short interview with an IOGP colleague or committee member. This month’s interview is with Brussels-based Kamila Piotrowksa, IOGP’s Senior Manager for Policy Strategy. 

IOGP commences Strategic Review

Following the Operational Review to ensure the Association is set for success over the next 18 to 24 months IOGP is now taking a closer look at its long-term strategy. 

The Open Group and IOGP aim to bring technology standards to the next level

In October 2020 The Open Group, a global consortium that enables achievements of business objectives through technology standards, and IOGP entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will foster more oil and gas industry collaboration for the development of common standards.

Driving digitalization

DISC (the Digital & Information Standards Subcommittee) was formed to address the lack of common industry data and information standards relevant to the oil and gas industry. 

Financial Times publishes IOGP letter

Gordon Ballard responded to the Financial Times’ Editorial Board opinion piece ‘The Slow death of big oil’ with a letter highlighting how oil and gas remain central to meeting energy needs.

New infographic showcases household uses

Our new infographic showcases some of the household items that may be made from oil and gas.

Now Available: Environmental performance indicators – 2019 data

IOGP has published its updated Environmental performance indicators – 2019 data. It is available to download from the IOGP Publications Library and at the IOGP Data Portal at

New report: Process Safety Fundamentals

IOGP’s Process Safety Fundamentals have been developed to support companies as they seek to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, fatal and high severity process safety events.

Geomatics Webinars on P6/11 Seismic Bin Grid Data Exchange Format

On the 3rd and 5th November 2020, the Geomatics Committee has delivered two webinars dedicated to IOGP P6/11 Exchange Format. This industry standard is designed for 3D seismic bin grid

EGM 2020: Geomatics Standards – driving simplification and digital transformation

The Geomatics Committee is driving improved efficiency in the industry, through common standards for geospatial data management, visualisation & analytics, and in the simplification of survey and positioning operations. This

An Extraordinary General Meeting – literally

This year’s IOGP Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) comes at an extraordinary time and under extraordinary circumstances. Hence this will be an extraordinary meeting – literally. The 2020 EGM event will

The Open Group and International Association of Oil & Gas Producers to Collaborate on Industry Standards

San Francisco, California/ London, United Kingdom – October 29, 2020:  The Open Group, the vendor-neutral technology consortium, and the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) today announced a

IOGP Strategic Review – Chairman’s perspective

As Chair of the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers, I have had the privilege to work with some of our industry’s brightest minds, on some remarkable projects and

Trust but Verify! New Geomatics Task Force puts geospatial integrity on the digitalisation map

Spatially-aware applications are at the forefront of the digitalisation revolution, providing the energy industry with new revenue and value-producing opportunities. Geomatics is at the heart of facilitating this revolution and

Fatalities and injuries down in 2019, says new IOGP report

It takes more than a pandemic to keep IOGP from performing one of its key roles:  the collection and analysis of industry safety data and the dissemination of findings based

3 questions on how IOGP helps its Members to operate more safely

In each edition of Pulse, we publish a short interview with an IOGP colleague or committee member. This month’s interview, which follows the release of the latest report on safety performance

NEW: IOGP publishes Report 633 – Risk Based Assessment of Offshore Produced Water Discharges

Sureiya Pochee, Environment Committee Manager Produced water is an inevitable feature of oil and gas production. It is a liquid phase that is associated to oil and gas in the

New aviation guidance is a ‘huge step’ forward in offshore helicopter safety

IOGP’s soon-to-be-published aviation guidance – IOGP Report 690: Offshore Helicopter Recommended Practices (OHRP) – represents a step change for the safety of offshore helicopter services across the industry and in achieving Project Safira’s goal of eradicating fatalities in our industry.

Offshore Structures Reliability webinars planned

With this year’s Offshore Structures Reliability Conference cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic, IOGP’s Offshore Structures Subcommittee is organising a series of virtual engagement sessions for the offshore structures’ community.

6 takeaways on the challenges of sustainability

On 12 October 2020, Wafik Beydoun, IOGP Director Americas, moderated a panel of sustainability experts at the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) 90th Annual Conference & Exhibition. This year, it

Oil and gas remains the backbone of global energy supply    

Oil and gas will meet 46 percent of the global energy demand in 2040 – according to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Sustainable Development Scenario, published today in its 2020 World Energy Outlook.

Joint IOGP-IPIECA-OGCI project to develop industry recommended practices for deploying methane detection and quantification technologies

Rapid evolution of satellite, drone and sensor technologies is enabling better detection and quantification of methane emissions. However, which combination of new and established detection and quantification technologies is most

IOGP welcomes Iman Hill as new Executive Director

IOGP has appointed Iman Hill to be its new Executive Director, effective 1 December 2020. She will be succeeding Gordon Ballard, who will step down at the end of 2020,

David Ochanda wins 2020 Outstanding Young Professional Award

This year’s winner of the IOGP Outstanding Young Professional Award (OYPA) is David Ochanda, Biodiversity Coordinator with Total, Uganda.  “David’s commitment is a prime example for leadership, innovation, and impact.

3 questions … for David Ochanda, winner of the 2020 IOGP Outstanding Young Professional Award

It goes without saying that this edition’s “3 questions …” interview is with Total’s David Ochanda, winner of the 2020 IOGP Outstanding Young Professional Award. The Jury was deeply impressed

“Contrary to popular belief, the sector is taking its responsibilities seriously and has been for some time.”

You’d be forgiven for believing CO2 is the biggest threat to global climate security, but there are other greenhouse gasses that pose a similar, if not higher, threat. Offshore Technology

Environmental management in the upstream oil and gas industry

Since 1997, IOGP’s Report 254 – Environmental management in the upstream oil and gas industry, has been the go-to guide for good practice throughout the lifecycle of upstream projects.  IOGP

3 new reports tackle land transportation safety

Driving-related incidents are historically the single largest cause of fatalities in IOGP member company operations. The Association has recently published three new reports to help reduce driving-related injuries and fatalities

IOGP and IPIECA launch new Shoreline response programme guidance

IOGP and IPIECA have published the Shoreline response programme guidance, a technical support document that describes how to manage all the required onshore activities when dealing with an oil spill.

IOGP invited to participate in EastMed Gas Forum’s Industry Advisory Committee

Further to IOGP’s European Directorate discussions with the Minister of Energy, Commerce and Industry of Cyprus, the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, and the European Commission Directorate-General for

CFIHOS explained

CFIHOS (Joint Industry Programme 36) aims to make information handover quicker, easier and safer for operators, contractors, equipment manufacturers and suppliers by using standardised specifications and change the way that

Digital transformation project reaches first milestone

An IOGP initiative to enable cost-effective digitalization has reached a key milestone with the publication of its first list of supported information standards.

Total’s David Ochanda wins 2020 IOGP Outstanding Young Professional Award

London, July 27th, 2020 – The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) has presented the 2020 Outstanding Young Professional Award (OYPA) to David Ochanda, Biodiversity Coordinator with Total, Uganda. The award recognises his endeavours in raising awareness of biodiversity and ecological standards when exploring and producing oil and gas in highly sensitive areas.

Looking back, planning ahead

With a combined history approaching 150 years, IOGP and the American Petroleum Institute (API) have guided the oil and gas industry through decades of challenges: military conflicts, embargoes, political crises, and advancements in safety and environmental protection.

3 questions…on how IOGP helps its Members ‘best practices’ to be shared in the Americas region

This edition’s Pulse interview is with IOGP Americas Director, Wafik Beydoun. He joined IOGP in 2019 as a secondee from Total with more than 30 years’ experience in the upstream oil and gas sector. Wafik is based in Houston, Texas.

Management Committee welcomes new Members

IOGP has welcomed new member representatives to its Management Committee (MC). With OPITO becoming the new Associate Member representative to the MC, its Chief Executive Officer, John McDonald, joined the

Clean Hydrogen and CCUS: Industry calling for inclusive European energy system

Clean hydrogen and carbon management technologies such as Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) and pyrolysis will play a critical role to create the necessary scale and make hydrogen applications cost-competitive.

Don’t miss the 2020 IOGP Outstanding Young Professional Award

Only a few days to go before Fawaz Bitar, BP Senior Vice President HSE and Carbon, and IOGP Chair, will announce this year’s winner of the IOGP Outstanding Young Professional Award.

New aviation guidance will be a ‘huge step’ forward in offshore helicopter safety

IOGP’s soon-to-be-published aviation guidance – IOGP Report 690: Offshore Helicopter Recommended Practices (OHRP) – represents a step change for the safety of offshore helicopter services across the industry and in achieving Project Safira’s goal of eradicating fatalities in our industry.

Explaining the uses of clean hydrogen from natural gas

Our new infographic explains the production and uses of clean hydrogen from natural gas.

Your feedback wanted on IOGP publications

If you have downloaded any of our publications, we would love to hear your stories on how you have implemented, or use, IOGP reports in your organisation.

New website aims to promote environmental genomics in the industry

The Environmental Genomics Research Programme is developing and advancing environmental genomics technologies for oil and gas applications and promote their understanding.

‘Clean’ oil and natural gas is not an oxymoron: it’s the path forward

While renewable energy sources will help address global emissions, all forms of energy will be needed for the foreseeable future, and oil and natural gas will be essential to global economic recovery.

Life-Saving Rules tops IOGP download charts

When the world is rightly focussed on saving lives during the current pandemic, it is worth remembering that there are other causes of fatalities – and proven ways to prevent them.

3 questions… on how IOGP helps its Members to improve their safety performance

Olav is based at IOGP’s Headquarters in London, and kindly agreed to this short interview on how the Association supports its members in improving their safety performance.

IOGP meets with Executive Vice President of the European Commission

Organised by IOGP, six oil and gas industry CEOs plus two of their representatives met recently with Executive Vice President Frans Timmermans and Commissioner Kadri Simson to discuss the oil and gas industry’s transformation and its role in helping the EU reach climate neutrality by 2050.

Oceans of possibility

The ocean is our planet’s largest ecosystem. It stabilizes climate, stores carbon, produces oxygen, nurtures unimaginable biodiversity, and directly supports human wellbeing through food, mineral, and energy resources, as well as providing cultural and recreational opportunities. Unfortunately, much of the ocean is now seriously degraded, and as a responsible sea user, IOGP is working to help the industry play its role as part of the solution.

Refreshed Committee Structure amplifies IOGP’s efficiency

At the end of 2019, IOGP’s Management Committee requested the Secretariat to carry out an Operational Review. The review aimed to ensure the Association was set for success over the next 18-24 months and would act as a precursor to the longer-term Strategic review set to commence later this year.

Uses of Oil and gas in the medical field

Our infographic shows some of the many uses of oil and gas in the medical field.

IOGP on the EU Recovery Plan

“The European Commission must be commended for the timely delivery of the EU Recovery Plan. With a realistic assessment of COVID-19’s impact and an inclusive approach, the EU can reconcile its climate and economic objectives and strengthen the resilience of its economy while leaving no one behind.”

Developing low-carbon technologies

IOGP’s CCUS webpage and infographic explains the CCUS process and its contribution to a lower carbon emissions future.

APPEA Journal publishes IOGP papers

IOGP Member APPEA has published four IOGP articles in its Journal.

Four IOGP resources that improve Instrumentation and Automation

The primary aim of these documents is to harmonize the operating companies’ requirements and recommended practices to the subject matters.

Offshore Structures Specification Task Force presentation available

Like the Joint Industry Project (JIP) 33, JIP 35 aims to achieve industry-level standardization. Its focus is on offshore structures specifications, driving reductions in upstream project costs through a decrease in variation in requirements between operating companies.

The chemical industry’s response to a crisis while in crisis

We often forget how vital the chemical industry is to our well-being, safety and daily lives. The stigma around the issue of plastics waste in the environment often overshadows the progress the industry has made in becoming one of the more sustainable producers of critical products, many of which are based on oil and gas.

3 questions… on how IOGP helps its members reduce their carbon emissions footprint

This month’s interview is with Wendy Brown, IOGP’s Environment Director. Wendy is based at IOGP’s Headquarters in London, and kindly agreed to this short interview on how the Association supports its members in their efforts to help fighting climate change.

Marking International Day for Biological Diversity 2020

On May 22nd, we will recognize the International Day for Biological Diversity.

Gordon Ballard goes social media

There are lots of ways to communicate. What makes communication particularly effective is linking the message to a specific person rather than to the anonymity of an organization.

The role of oil and gas in a transitioning world

Meeting the world’s energy demand while tackling climate change is one of the world’s greatest challenges.

New JIP33 delivery centre opens in Houston

JIP33 has opened a new delivery centre at Aker Solutions’ Houston facilities. It joins the existing delivery centre in London and will focus on developing specifications that are important for the North American market.

Tackling restrictions on work and travel

Whilst addressing the public health emergency posed by the Coronavirus pandemic it is vital that the important role played by the offshore energy sector continues with minimal disruption.

Leadership changes at Wells Expert Committee

As some of the WEC leadership moves on to new things, we welcome the new leaders who have volunteered to add to this legacy with tangible next steps.

New faces at IOGP’s Brussels office

We are delighted to announce two new appointments at the Brussels office: Maria Karagiannidou-Rosziek joins us as Policy Manager responsible for the Marine & Environment Subcommittee; and Thierry Bros is the new Senior Manager in charge of Upstream and Energy & Market issues and IOGP Lead Analyst.

Australian study finds hydraulic fracturing fears unfounded

An independent and authoritative review by Australia’s leading scientific agency, the CSIRO, provides further evidence there are no negative impacts of hydraulic fracturing that can’t be managed by robust regulation and high industry operating standards.

IGU 2020 World LNG Report published

At the end of April, the International Gas Union (IGU) published its 11th World LNG Report. The report shows that LNG continues to enhance global energy security, with LNG trade increased by 13% in 2019.

Statement from Gordon Ballard on Covid-19

The health and safety of our industry’s employees and their families is of paramount importance and our top priority.

Climate change, purpose & doing the right thing: lessons from COVID-19

As an industry, as businesses and, most importantly, as people – this is an incredibly tough time. No matter where you are in the world, or what you do, we have all been impacted by the coronavirus in some way.

Macondo: 10 years on

In the middle of one crisis, it’s encouraging to look back on how IOGP helped to lead the way out of another; transforming the offshore industry in the process.

The IOGP Outstanding Young Professional Award (OYPA)

Seven outstanding talents have been shortlisted as finalists for the 2020 IOGP Outstanding Young Professional Award (OYPA).

Oil and gas industry releases updated global sustainability reporting guidance

LONDON, March 30, 2020 – IPIECA, the American Petroleum Institute (API), and the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) today released the new edition of the “Sustainability Reporting Guidance for the Oil and Gas industry”, which marks over fifteen years of collaboration between the member companies across the three leading industry associations.

An equal world is an enabled world

We were quickly corrected and learned that a feminist is someone who believes in the power of women as much as they believe in the power of anyone else. It’s about respect and equality.

IOGP supports the EU’s objective of climate neutrality by 2050

(Brussels, 4 March 2020) The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) supports the EU’s objective to reach climate neutrality by 2050. We call on policymakers to follow up on the Climate Law with an inclusive approach that promotes all available technologies and solutions equally, and encourage the EU to step up its engagement with its global partners to combine decarbonisation efforts.

IOGP offshore structures project publishes its first four specifications – with seven more to follow

A new IOGP initiative to reduce upstream project costs has published its first four specifications.

Kindness matters

Some of you may know my story already but many won’t. About ten years ago, while bodysurfing with my son, I had an accident that changed my life forever.

IP Week 2020 will explore how the industry can be a key player in delivering a low carbon future

IP Week 2020 will explore how the oil and gas industry can be a key player in delivering a low carbon future.

Egypt’s oil and gas demand on the rise.

In 2018, Egypt’s energy demand reached an all-time high with 94.5 million tons of oil equivalent, twice the demand of 20 years ago.

IOGP, API, AMEXHI sign Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen collaboration

(London, 21 January 2020) This is, in essence, the message of an excellent report published yesterday by the International Energy Agency (IEA). While hardly a day goes by without someone raising their voice to blame the oil & gas industry for obstructing efforts to tackle climate change by continuing to invest in fossil fuels, the IEA isn’t afraid to involve, rather than exclude, the oil & gas industry from the solution to climate change.

IOGP JIP commits to safety investment through new project with HeliOffshore

Today (Monday 27th January 2020) the Safety and Aviation Committee of the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) endorsed plans for a new aviation-focused Joint Industry Project (JIP) to fund work in support of its Project Safira goal of eliminating fatalities from the upstream energy business.

Working with the oil & gas industry to tackle climate change

(London, 21 January 2020) This is, in essence, the message of an excellent report published yesterday by the International Energy Agency (IEA). While hardly a day goes by without someone raising their voice to blame the oil & gas industry for obstructing efforts to tackle climate change by continuing to invest in fossil fuels, the IEA isn’t afraid to involve, rather than exclude, the oil & gas industry from the solution to climate change.

Unfortunately, facts rarely matter when it comes to the energy debate

For many, many decades the oil & gas industry has been at the heart of delivering on an increasing energy demand. This has allowed many areas in the world (and, frankly, the industry) to develop and prosper, in line with fundamental global political and macro-economic beliefs.

The EU Green Deal – or: European oil & gas industry to make its mark

For many, many decades the oil & gas industry has been at the heart of delivering on an increasing energy demand. This has allowed many areas in the world (and, frankly, the industry) to develop and prosper, in line with fundamental global political and macro-economic beliefs.

New EU Taxonomy Regulation will contribute to making European Green Deal a success

(Brussels, 18 December 2019) By including transition and enabling activities, the EU Taxonomy Regulation offers clarity to investors on whether an economic activity is environmentally sustainable.

KL chronicles

IOGP convened in one of Asia’s most important oil and gas cities, Kuala Lumpur, from 18th – 21st November.

New joint industry project could provide more complete, cost-effective and quicker environmental monitoring

Seven IOGP Member Companies – Chevron, Eni, Equinor, ExxonMobil, Hess, Shell, Total – have launched a new joint industry project (JIP) on Environmental Genomics.

Regulators engage with IOGP

The International Offshore Petroleum Environmental
Regulators (IOPER) invited IOGP to participate in its AGM
in Washington, DC on 29 October.

Communications at IOGP: New faces and a fond farewell

Ritva Westendorf-Lahouse Ritva started her career as an upstream lawyer, but has been in communications (public and government affairs) since 2011. “Our industry has a great story to tell,” she

IMO advances transboundary CCS

The UN’s International Maritime Organization (IMO) has declared that the cross-border transport of carbon dioxide (CO2) may now be allowed for the purpose of carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Chrysaor becomes IOGP’s 83rd Member

One of IOGP’s newest members is the UK’s leading independent E&P company – Chrysaor.

2020 IOGP Outstanding Young Professional Award Finalists announced

] Seven outstanding young professionals have been shortlisted as finalists for the 2020 IOGP Outstanding Young Professional Award.

Europe’s Oil & Gas Industry Welcomes Green Deal’s Holistic Approach

IOGP welcomes the European Green Deal’s holistic approach. The cross-sectoral and multi-layered nature of the Action Plan will allow all stakeholders to pool together their strengths in view of reaching the EU’s overarching environmental, energy and climate objectives.

“You do what?!?” Climate change and the social dynamics of a job in oil & gas

It doesn’t matter what company employs you. Or what your role might be. In my 18 years of experience working the oil and gas industry, the time comes – sooner or later – when you have to answer the seemingly innocuous question: “And what do you do?”

Climate change, my daughter and me

Speech by Fuzzy Bitar, IOGP chair and head of BP upstream executive office at IOGP’s EGM at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

New Geodesy Guidance Note for the US Gulf of Mexico released by the Geomatics Committee

The new Geomatics Committee Guidance Note 26 (IOGP Report 373-26) describes the recommended practice for the use of coordinate reference systems (CRSs) and coordinate transformations (CTs) between CRSs for the US Gulf of Mexico Outer Continental Shelf (GoM OCS).

IOGP directors discourse at Offshore Europe

Decades after the North Sea’s oil and gas fields were predicted to run dry, they remain an important source of energy. Similarly, the Society of Petroleum Engineers’ Offshore Europe Conference and Exhibition, is still going strong, at a new venue and with new focus on issues such as net zero carbon emissions, artificial intelligence and digital transition.

Accelerating progress on procurement standards

The IOGP-managed JIP33 held its first Industry Day on September 16, 2019, at BP’s Helios Plaza in Houston. It attracted 120 representatives from 41
organisations representing suppliers, engineering contractors and operators.

Register now for EGM 2019, Kuala Lumpur

There are only a few days left for IOGP Member Representatives and chairs of standing committees to register for the Association’s EGM 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, hosted by PETRONAS.

Olav Skår joins IOGP as Safety Director

Teamwork comes as second nature to Olav Skår, IOGP’s new Safety Director.

Welcome back, Genel Energy

Genel Energy has re-joined IOGP. The company is one of the largest London-listed independent oil producers and is the largest holder of reserves and resources in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, where it has been operating for over a decade.

45 years: Working together to support industry progress

2019 marks the 45th anniversary of the foundation of the organization I lead, IPIECA, the global oil and gas industry association for advancing environmental and social performance. I’ve been in the

Unleash Your Potential – Dream, Believe, Become.

The 50th anniversary of the lunar landing last month sparked a lot of reminiscing over grainy television footage and crackling radio broadcasts.  As a toddler at the time, I can’t say I remember where I was when the first man walked on the moon. As an engineer today, however, I can only marvel at the ingenuity, daring and sheer technological brilliance of that feat.

Award to inspire the next generation of HSE leaders

3rd September 2019. Nominations are now open for the ‘2020 IOGP Outstanding Young Professional Award’, hosted by the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) in association with the biennial SPE Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability Conference.

Peaks, Peaks, Peaks

by Olaf Martins, Global Engagement Manager, IOGP

Latest safety report shows reduction in fatal accidents

Data submitted for IOGP’s annual Safety performance indicators report recorded an 8% drop in the Fatal Accident Rate and a decrease in fatalities from 33 in 2017 to 31 in 2018. This was against a background of a 2% increase in work hours reported. A total of 46 Member Companies supplied data.

A dialogue with the best and the brightest

In mid-July, some 650 students from around the world converged in central London with the aim of ‘breaking  barriers’.

The Environment Committee gets a new manager

When Sureiya Pochee was growing up in Durban, South Africa, the oil and gas industry was part of her life. Her father was an engineer at the local refinery.

Membership count hits 83

Three companies have joined IOGP in the past few months, bringing the Association’s membership to its highest level in recent years. Here is a short profile of each of our newest members.

Members to gather in Kuala Lumpur for EGM 2019

This year’s EGM will be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s vibrant capital and a prime example of how oil and gas have helped to transform the Asia Pacific region into  an industrial and financial powerhouse –  one that consumes 36% of the world’s oil.

Brussels guests bask in IOGP hospitality

Shirtsleeves, bare arms and chilled wine were the order of  the day at the summer reception given by Brussels office  on the evening of 25 June. The historic gardens of De  Warande provided an appropriately leafy setting.

The energy transition in the European political context

By Lapo Pistelli, International Affairs – Executive Vice President, Eni

Breaking through the noise: Sound and Marine Life JIP sponsors marine research conference

Sound and Marine Life Joint Industry Programme (JIP) recently sponsored the “Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life 2019 conference”, which took place in Den Haag in The Netherlands.

Copenhagen Industry Day looks to the future

Innovation in general and the growing importance of carbon capture & storage (CCS) in particular were the themes of IOGP’s Industry Day in Denmark’s capital. There, some 60 representatives of IOGP member organisations and other industry leaders gathered to discuss and debate the ideas raised by two distinguished panels.

IOGP comes together in Copenhagen

Total was the host company, and Management Committee Chai Fawaz Bitar began proceedings by thanking Mike Borrell, also on the MC, for Total’s generosity in hosting the previous evening’s tour

IOGP Americas Director leads OTC’s golden anniversary celebration

While IOGP held its first world gathering of 2019 in Copenhagen during the second week of May, the Association also featured prominently at another major industry event that coincided with the AGM: the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, organised by 13 international professional associations, including the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).

IOGP moves closer to the heart of the EU

After years at the end of the Metro line in Brussels, IOGP moved on 29 March to the city centre in the area known as Montgomery.

Frederic Auger to lead the Geomatics Committee

IOGP’s Geomatics Committee has elected Frederic Auger of Total as Chair. He succeeds Walter Jardine of BP, who is now serving as a vice-chair.

API and IOGP sign MOU, Formalizing Cooperative Relationship

HOUSTON – (June 6, 2019) – Today, the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish a stronger partnership, share world-class practices and collectively engage on the industry’s contributions to society. This MOU strengthens our ongoing collaboration and marks a milestone in the relationship between the two organizations.

API and IOGP Release Joint Position Paper, Support Increase in U.S. LNG Exports to the EU

The American Petroleum Institute (API) and the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) released a position paper today at the first EU-U.S. Energy Council Business-to-Business Energy Forum on encouraging large-scale U.S. LNG exports to the EU’s gas market.

Discussing Diversity and Inclusion: “You were born an original, don’t die a copy”

By Kim McHugh, Chevron’s Vice President of Drilling and Completions

Scenarios over crystal balls

By Spencer Dale, BP’s Group Chief Economist

JIP33 moves into Phase 3: Further standardising procurement specifications

Talking about standards, BP Group Executive Director Bob Dudley said in his opening remarks at the recent IP Week in London: “I think the idea of everyone having their own designs will soon feel very old-fashioned.”

Making ourselves heard

At the February EGYPS Conference and Exhibition in Cairo, IOGP had a booth staffed by Committee managers Diana Khatun and Felicite Robertson.

Energy realities: getting down to business

IOGP’s expanding programme to inform opinion leaders –present and future – about the continuing need for oil and gas extended to the London Business School (LBS).

IOGP welcomes two new members from Africa

Africa, where both production and demand for energy are forecast to grow, is the centre of operations for the Association’s two newest members – in both senses of the word.

Workshop looks at “Our future climate – understanding the spread of physical risk for the oil and gas industry”

IOGP joined forces with the Joint Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology (JCOMM) – founded by the World Meteorological Organization and UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission – and the World Climate Research Program (WCRP) to hold a cross-disciplinary workshop on the physical risk for the oil and gas industry of a changing climate.

IOGP to convene in Copenhagen

Denmark’s picturesque capital will be the site of IOGP’s next Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 8 May.

Another year of record activity for Standards

IOGP’s Standards Committee ended its busiest year ever with a meeting in Perth, Western Australia.

COP24: oil & gas feature at Katowice

Just as oil and gas will play essential roles in the world’s energy future, they also featured at the UN’s annual COP climate change conference – held at the end of 2018 in Katowice, Poland. IOGP was there.

European shipping institution to IOGP: welcome aboard

As part of IOGP’s policy of reaching out to a wider range of stakeholders, the Association has become a member of the European Sustainable Shipping Forum (ESSF).

IOGP appoints new Regional Director-Americas

Wafik Beydoun is IOGP’s new Regional Director-Americas. He comes to the Association, as a secondee from Total, with more than 30 years’ experience in the upstream oil and gas sector. Most recently, he was the company’s General Manager and Country Chair in Kuwait.

New guide helps plan source control emergency response for subsea wells

IOGP’s Wells Expert Committee (WEC) has produced a new report to help guide operating companies in planning and preparing an effective emergency response plan for subsea oil spills and gas leaks.

IOGP welcomes SBM Offshore

One of the world’s leading providers of floating production facilities is IOGP’s newest member. 

A new year; a new energy reality

By Gordon Ballard, IOGP Executive Director.

IOGP ’s Warsaw meeting: focus on four key issues

Management Committee Chair Fuzzy Bitar welcomed representatives from 14 countries across four continents for IOGP’s EGM in Warsaw on 14-15 November.

Tribute to Tim Magee

IOGP’s bookstore, launched last year, now hosts hundreds of its reports and publications. Recently, the shopping process has been simplified to make the process easier.

Bookstore orders made easier

IOGP’s bookstore, launched last year, now hosts hundreds of its reports and publications. Recently, the shopping process has been simplified to make the process easier.

New IOGP Global Production Report documents need for oil & gas investment

In most regions of the world, oil & gas demand has risen or reached all-time highs in 2017, highlighting the significant need for investments to keep up production levels, IOGP’s new Global Production Report shows.

Rising demand for oil & gas reinforces need for investment

IOGP report tracks production in seven regions

SPE and IOGP formalize existing collaboration on sharing knowledge, improving sustainability reporting

The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU).

Disruptive change

by Olaf Martins, Global Engagement Manager, IOGP

Project Safira: from data to action

Project Safira expresses the Association’s determination to put an end to upstream fatalities.

IMO members endorse diver safety proposals from IOGP & IMCA

Fifteen members of the UN’s International Maritime Organization (IMO) have voted to approve joint IOGP and International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) amendments to existing codes on diver safety.

IOGP joins the experts in Abidjan

The objective was to define a post-signature roadmap for the Convention’s additional protocols to be adopted including the Offshore Oil and Gas Protocol.

B20 Argentina

IOGP Global Engagement Manager Olaf Martins represented the Association at the 5-6 October B20 Summit in Buenos Aires.

IOGP welcomes global skills body

The Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation (OPITO) is IOGP’s newest Associate Member.

EGM to air crucial upstream issues

A series of four panel discussions will be a highlight of IOGP’s Extraordinary General Meeting in Warsaw, Poland on 14-15 November.

Blue Hydrogen – A no brainer for Europe

By Olav Aamlid Syversen, Chair of the IOGP EU Committee

Low-Carbon Hydrogen Can Only Strengthen Linz Initiative

IOGP welcomes the high-level initiative to promote the role and use of hydrogen as an energy storage solution, a feedstock, and a zero-emission energy carrier. However, the text focuses mainly on renewable hydrogen and pays insufficient attention to the large potential of sustainable hydrogen produced from natural gas with CCS.

IOGP signs Coalition call for political support to CCUS

As part of the CCUS Coalition, IOGP, alongside European energy intensive industries, energy producers, and industry associations, has signed a letter addressing the importance of CCUS.

CCS:  its time has come

by François-Régis Mouton, IOGP EU Affairs Director.
The oil & gas industry originally developed many of the techniques integral to carbon capture and storage (CCS) – and we have used them for decades.

IOGP welcomes new member from world’s first oil producer

IOGP’s latest member, SOCAR, is the state oil company of the Azerbaijan Republic.

European Parliament dinner: industry future on the menu

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from the full spectrum of political parties, including environmentalists, attended the European Energy Forum dinner hosted by IOGP on May 29.

Aiming high: IOGP participates in G20 Summit leadup

IOGP Global Engagement Manager Olaf Martins goes where the action is to help shape the perceptions of those who can influence the future of our upstream industry. Recently, he went to Bariloche in the mountains of Argentina to participate in the B20 process.

Checking in for IOGP’s Warsaw EGM

IOGP Member Representatives, Committee Chairs and secretariat staff will meet in Warsaw, Poland on November 14-15 for the Association’s next General Meeting.

The ‘s’ that makes all the difference: Plural and pluralism

by Olaf Martins, Global Engagement Manager, IOGP.

Safety performance in 2017: fewer fatalities than ever – but still not good enough

Last year, according to reports filed by 45 IOGP member companies, the fatal accident rate (FAR) associated with global upstream operations fell by 36% from the previous year. The number of fatalities decreased from 50 in 2016 to 33 in 2017. This fall occurred during a time when the number of reported work hours increased by 4%. While the number of fatalities was down, the number of fatal incidents increased from 29 in 2016 to 30 in 2017.

IOGP in Senegal: environmental insights for Africa’s newest oil & gas player

Senegal is in the news. Although its national oil company, Petrosen, has been exploring for decades, recent discoveries have attracted the attention of oil majors from around the world – including many IOGP members.

Playing by the rules – and helping to define them

The upstream oil and gas industry operates within a complex global network of regulations, guidelines and conventions. One of IOGP’s most important roles is to provide technical expertise to the organizations that set the rules; establishing common ground and setting effective and achievable goals in terms of health, safety and the environment.

IOGP EGM: Hot topics in the Old Town

IOGP Member Representatives and secretariat staff will gather for the Association’s 2018 EGM in Warsaw, Poland on 14-15 November.

IOGP reaches Twitter milestone

IOGP has hit an all-time high of 24,500 followers on Twitter, a ten-fold increase since the Association launched ‘The Case for oil and gas’ project to promote the social and economic benefits of our members’ products.

A summit view

IOGP Global Engagement Manager Olaf Martins has just returned from representing the Association at events linked to the G20 Summit Conference in Bariloche, Argentina.

Oil & Gas taxation in Europe brings around €420bn in government revenue

The taxation of oil & gas products in the EU28 + Norway contributed around €420bn to government revenues in 2015, far more than coal, wind, solar together. This is equivalent to 2.7% of the EU GDP the same year.

Corporate Responsibility and the Business of Progress

by Joe Naylor, Vice President of Policy, Government and Public Affairs, Chevron

BP’s Marcin Nazaruk wins 2018 IOGP Outstanding Young Professional Award

IOGP Executive Director Gordon Ballard announced this year’s winner of the IOGP Outstanding Young Professional Award (OYPA), recognizing HSSE-SR achievements.

Flying the IOGP flag

IOGP representatives played an important role at the SPE Conference.

Voters and posters at AGM

IOGP’s 2018 AGM was held at ADNOC’s headquarters in Abu Dhabi, generously made available by the Company’s new Member Representative, Group HSE Unit Manager Abdulla Al Marazooqi.

Revving down: IOGP says goodbye to John Campbell

London’s Royal Automobile Club was the appropriately oil-focused venue to mark IOGP Technical Director John Campbell’s retirement from the Association after 21 years.

IOGP joins fight against methane emissions

IOGP is one of three global energy industry associations to sign on to the Methane Guiding Principles.

Oil & gas:  a look at ‘local sourcing’

by Olaf Martins, Global Engagement Manager, IOGP

Growing oil and gas demand requires global investment

New IOGP report tracks production in seven regions.

IGU, IOGP and IPIECA join natural gas industry leaders to combat methane emissions

The international Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) has presented the 2018 Outstanding Young Professional Award (OYPA) to BP’s Marcin Nazaruk.

API: offshore energy exploration & production must move forward

by Erik Milito, API director of upstream and industry operations

2018 IOGP Outstanding Young Professional Award goes to BP’s Marcin Nazaruk

The international Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) has presented the 2018 Outstanding Young Professional Award (OYPA) to BP’s Marcin Nazaruk.

Making energy more varied and affordable

by David Eyton, BP Group Head of Technology 

Management Committee gets new Chair

In accordance with IOGP’s Articles of Association, Fawaz (Fuzzy) Bitar of BP has been appointed MC Chair, effective 1 March, 2018. As BP’s upstream head of global operations, Fuzzy is

London office welcomes two new team members

Diana Khatun is IOGP’s newest Committee Manager. She succeeds Natalia Staina, who left the industry in February. Diana is a geologist by training, with a masters from Imperial College, London.

IOGP joins in IMO’s regal milestone celebrations

John Campbell has been attending meetings of the International Maritime Organization since the 1980s – first in his capacity as a UK civil servant and, for the past 21 years,

IAGC recognizes IOGP sound & marine life achievements

A year later, the International Association of Geophysical Contractors (IAGC) joined IOGP – which is when the JIP really took off. On February 20, IAGC, at its Annual Conference in

Geodesy goodbye

Throughout, Roel has “stood out as a man of vision and technical aptitude,” says Subcommittee Chairman, Roger Lott. “During his time on the Subcommittee Roel has been instrumental in the

New base and equipment advances industry spill response

IOGP Executive Director Gordon Ballard was on hand for the base inauguration and equipment launch on 6 March. He was one of several key figures from across the offshore industry

Climate Change Resilience: A Framework for Decision Making

by Craig May, Vice President, Upstream Capability, Chevron

Our new Global Energy Brief: Making of…

by Olaf Martins, Global Engagement Manager, IOGP

Telling the story of New Zealand’s oil and gas industry

by Cameron Madgwick, Chief Executive of the Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand (PEPANZ)

Adapting to the new energy reality

By Fuzzy Bitar, Head of BP Upstream operations and member of IOGP’s Management Committee

The climate case for oil & gas FROM Europe and FOR Europe

by François-Régis Mouton, IOGP EU Affairs Director. Today, I used the equivalent of 4 litres of oil. I know this, because I’m a typical European citizen – and that’s what typical Europeans do.

IOGP welcomes a familiar face as new Director for Europe

François-Régis Mouton is IOGP’s new EU Affairs Director, based in Brussels. He succeeds Roland Festor, who has retired after almost five years with the Association. François-Régis previously represented Total on

CEPSA becomes IOGP’s newest member

The Association’s newest member – 77th and counting – was Spain’s first private oil company, founded in 1929. CEPSA’s upstream experience dates back more than 30 years and today upstream

Making the case for oil & gas

Point… In a world that constantly questions the future of oil and gas, one of IOGP’s primary goals is to inform key audiences – including law makers, regulators, journalists, academia,

New report focuses on diver evacuation

It’s the stuff of offshore operational nightmares: A ship, offshore rig or platform needs to be evacuated in an emergency. But down below, or in a bell or a pressurized

Put Abu Dhabi in your April diary

Come April, many of our industry’s leading figures in health, safety, security, the environment and social responsibility will gather in Abu Dhabi for the SPE’s biennial HSSE-SR Conference. Immediately following

IOGP appoints François-Régis Mouton as new Director for Europe

London, 16 January, 2018:  The International Association of Oil & Gas producers (IOGP) has appointed François-Régis Mouton as the Association’s new EU Affairs Director, based in Brussels.  He succeeds Roland

U.S. Natural Gas Abundance and LNG Exports

By Todd Snitchler, Group Director of Market Development at the American Petroleum Institute
The evidence is in. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports support jobs and economic growth.

Number crunching

by Olaf Martins, IOGP Global Engagement Manager.
As an economist by education and training, I find great comfort in numbers. You know where you are with a nice round figure – or even the occasional odd one.  

Houston: We had no problem

The oil and gas capital of the United States is also home to NASA, the nation’s space agency. For November’s IOGP Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), the Association drew on both

Picture perfect

Following the success of last year’s poster session, during which chairs and managers of IOGP’s standing committees held informal briefings for EGM attendees, the Houston EGM repeated the exercise. With

IEA affirms future need for oil and gas

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has forecasted that, come what may in terms of meeting the world’s climate change goals, oil and gas will still be needed to meet between

Back from Bonn

Both IOGP and IPIECA were present at the 23rd session of the Conference of the Parties (COP23) held in Bonn on behalf of the Fijan Presidency. This year’s agenda included

IOGP welcomes Aker BP

IOGP’s newest member is Aker BP, one of Europe’s largest independent producers. Its exploration, development and production activities focus on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The company operates the Valhall, Ula,

Christine Glorieux: marking two milestones in one evening

The manager of IOGP’s Brussels office, Christine Glorieux, recently celebrated a quarter century with IOGP. At the same time, she was preparing to leave so that she could start a

Global Energy Brief – Demand

Oil & gas investment needed along the lower carbon pathway. In line with the world’s commitment to a future that sees global temperatures increasing by no more than 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels, oil & gas will still be needed to meet about half of global energy needs between now and 2040.

Mitigating methane:  nobody’s perfect (but we’re working on it)

by Menelaos (Mel) Ydreos, Executive Director, Public Affairs, International Gas Union (IGU) One of the most memorable lines in film is from  the