IOGP Annual Report

Find out what IOGP has delivered over the last 12 months and what ambitions it has set for itself and the industry in our new Annual Report.

Annual Report 2022

We are the global voice of our industry, pioneering excellence in safe, efficient and sustainable energy supply - an enabling partner for a low carbon future

We drive good practice

Initiatives & Campaigns

Collaborative projects that make a positive contribution to society.


We have the largest industry safety database, and more!


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Common questions about oil and gas

Making sense of COVID-19 vaccine developments

Our Position Paper on COVID-19 vaccine usage

  • Helps companies understand recent vaccine developments
  • Provides guidance on developing company policies
  • Offers an assessment of the expected impact vaccines will have on the course of the pandemic
Covid-Vaccine statement-1200

Life-saving rules

Between 2008 and 2017, 376 people lost their lives in fatal incidents that might have been prevented by following one of IOGP’s Life-Saving Rules.

Latest events

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