Our workstreams

Our workstreams at a glance.


We aim to enhance the understanding of the contribution oil and gas make, the critical role the industry plays in the energy transitions to a low-carbon energy future, and to provide an essential conduit for advocacy and debate between our industry and policymakers.

Energy Transition

IOGP acts as a catalyst and an enabler to help the oil and gas industry drive ongoing and future low carbon projects and supports:

  • Standardization, enabling low carbon practices to scale up across the global industry
  • Transformative lower carbon technologies for new and existing assets


Geomatics: A global source for positioning advice, guidance, advocacy and formats provision for the upstream oil and gas industry

Standards: Promoting and enabling the creation of a single set of international standards that can be recognized globally and used locally worldwide

Subsea: Improving subsea HSSE (Health, Security, Safety, Environment) performance and contributing to value creation

Engineering JIPs, including JIP30, JIP33, JIP35, CFIHOS (JIP36), and JIP39


Environment: Identifying and addressing current and future environmental challenges and opportunities facing our industry including emissions data practices

Metocean: Encouraging a better understanding of how applied oceanography and meteorology can improve the design and operation of offshore and onshore structures.

Decommissioning: The global voice of decommissioning, leader in the sharing of international experience and promoter of good practice on decommissioning

Environment JIPS: Sound and Marine Life, Environmental Genomics


Europe: IOGP Europe provides input to and assesses relevant policy proposals before developing and communicating joint industry positions. It does so to shape EU policy in a way which enables the oil and gas industry to continue supplying energy while helping the EU reach its 2050 climate neutrality objective.

Americas: Established in 2016 and based in Houston, IOGP’s Americas regional directorate engages with authorities/regulators, industry associations, and current and prospective Members in North, Central and South America.

Asia-Pacific: We are mapping Members’ needs and stakeholders across this region.

Middle-East and Africa: We are mapping Members’ needs and stakeholders across this region.


  • Safety: Promoting the integration of safety in industry and focused on eliminating fatalities
  • Health: Working towards a responsible and caring culture that enables employees and contractors to perform to the best of their potential
  • Security: Helping provide a safe and secure operating environment by mitigating security threats to people, assets, information, operations, and reputation
  • Wells Experts: Improving well operators’ effectiveness in the prevention and mitigation of high consequence well control events throughout the well life cycle

Workforce Energy

Guiding and accelerating the transformation of the Energy workforce by integrating and enhancing efforts to acquire new talent, build new capabilities, and create diverse and inclusive work environments.

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