Many offshore structures are coming to the end of their operational lives. Our decommissioning efforts are focused on benchmarking the decommissioning process, assessing any environmental implications and encouraging the design of new facilities to incorporate decommissioning features.

We have published the following two reports: Options for decommissioning subsea bundles; and Decommissioning of Offshore Concrete Gravity Based Structures (CGBS) in the OSPAR Maritime Area /Based Structures (CGBS)

Areas of activity

Options for decommissioning subsea bundles

This report provides an overview of bundle technology. Current applicable decommissioning legislation is highlighted and the options for decommissioning existing bundles are outlined.

This reference document assists operators and government bodies with the development and review of decommissioning programmes for bundles located in the UK sector of the North Sea.

Decommissioning of Offshore Concrete Gravity Based Structures (CGBS) in the OSPAR Maritime Area /Based Structures

Offshore gravity based concrete installations pose particular problems for decommissioning, not least because of the sheer physical size and engineering complexity of the structure themselves.

In the OSPAR area, Decision 98/3 (on decommissioning) provides for derogation from full removal of these structures at the end of their working life.

This report is a substantial upgrade of Disposal of disused offshore concrete gravity platforms in the OSPAR Maritime Area and takes into account experience gained with decommissioning a number of these structures in the North Sea.


Visit the IOGP Decommissioning Committee for more information

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