Our main Committees and groups

Energy Transition Directorate Committees and groups

Carbon Capture, Transportation, and Storage Committee

Chair: Laurence Gouet, TotalEnergies
Vice Chairs: Ola Miljeteig, Equinor; Brian Chase, Chevron; Jamie White, ExxonMobil
Director: Concetto Fischetti
Manager: Kevin Spencer

Launched in 2022, the Carbon Capture, Transportation, and Storage Committee will focus on accelerating the standardization of CCS to improve its cost, scheduling, and safety, thus ensuring widespread implementation of CCS. It will collaborate with other associations working in the climate change space, as well as with international and regional regulators and standards organizations.

CO2 Avoidance (LCA)

CO2 Capture Evaluation

CCS Standards Gap Analysis

CCS Standards Report


Near Surface Monitoring

Risk Assessment Tools/checklists

Subsurface Monitoring

Low Carbon Operational Efficiency Committee

Chair: Andy Best, bp
Vice Chair: Kamal Chhabra, Shell
Director: Concetto Fischetti
Manager: Dario Buccellato

Launched in 2022, the Low Carbon Operational Efficiency Committee will focus on decreasing CO2 emissions and methane intensity in upstream operations. It will coordinate its efforts with global industry groups including OGCI, Ipieca, API, EI, MGP, and GGFR.

Energy Transition Metrics

Electrification Early Concept Methodology

Electrification Lessons Learned

Electrification Schemes RP

Electrification Specific Project Methodology

Electrification Technology Deployment Catalogue

Energy Efficiency Compendium

Energy Efficiency Lessons Learned

Energy Efficiency KPIs & metrics

Energy Efficiency Operational Best Practices

Flares & Vents Capture vent streams guidelines

Flares & Vents Database venting situations

Flares & Vents FGRS RP

Flares & Vents Minimize/avoid flaring RP

Workforce Energy Task Force

Chair: TBC
Project Director: Evelyn MacLean-Quick

Launched in 2022, the Workforce Energy Task Force aims to accelerate a just energy transition by defining, influencing, and empowering the energy workforce of the future with a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture by 2025. It will begin by developing an industry baseline to identify future goals.

Engineering Directorate Committees and groups

Engineering Leadership Council

Chair: Graham Henley, Shell

The Engineering Leadership Council is a permanent advisory body reporting to the IOGP Management Committee. It brings together the heads of engineering from the 12 funding members of JIP33 to drive a collaborative engineering agenda.

The ELC is now examining more initiatives to support other relevant, strategic topics within the engineering arena such as low carbon and digitalization.

Digital Transformation Committee

Chair: TBC
Director: Adri Postema
Manager: Lucyna Kryla-Straszewska

The Digital Transformation Committee coordinates
the various digital transformation initiatives and
builds capability for the oil and gas industry.

Industry value is created by enabling data interoperability
that transforms existing workflows and creates new,
industry-wide business models.



Geophysical Operations

Remote Sensing

Surveying & Positioning

4D Seismic Survey Guidelines

Carbon Capture Storage Monitoring

Geospatial Integrity of Geoscience Software (GIGS)

Land Survey Data Model (LSDM)

Methane RP

Offshore Infrastructure Survey Data Model (OISDM)

Offshore Surface Survey Systems Technical Specification

P Formats Revision

Seabed Survey Data Model Revision (SSDM)

Seawater Pressure to Depth Conversion

Unified Symbology for Data Models

Geomatics Committee

Chair: Yen Puasa, Shell
Vice Chair: Walter Jardine, independent
Director: Adri Postema
Manager: Lucyna Kryla-Straszewska

The purpose of the Geomatics Committee is to provide advocacy, knowledge sharing and guidance, data exchange formats and models, test data, and geodetic parameters.

Geomatics is essential throughout the field lifecycle, from exploration to retirement, to prevent potential significant impact on business and HSSE.



Geophysical Operations

Remote Sensing

Surveying & Positioning

4D Seismic Survey Guidelines

Carbon Capture Storage Monitoring

Geospatial Integrity of Geoscience Software (GIGS)

Land Survey Data Model (LSDM)

Methane RP

Offshore Infrastructure Survey Data Model (OISDM)

Offshore Surface Survey Systems Technical Specification

P Formats Revision

Seabed Survey Data Model Revision (SSDM)

Seawater Pressure to Depth Conversion

Unified Symbology for Data Models

Standards Committee

Chair: Richard Mortimer, bp
Vice Chair: Giorgio Cognigni, Eni; Cecilie A Haarseth, ExxonMobil
Director: Adri Postema
Manager: Sajeev Menon

The Standards Committee’s aim is to improve the safety and integrity of capital facilities and lower their lifecycle cost profiles. It does this by promoting and enabling the creation of a single set of international standards that can be recognized globally and used locally worldwide.



Information Standards

Instrument & Automation

Materials & Corrosion


Offshore Structures

Piping & Valves



Normally Unattended Facilities (NUF)

Offshore Cranes

Offshore Structures Specifications

Operators Preferred Standards

Requirements Digitalization

Non Metallics

Subsea Committee

Chair: Roald Sirevaag, Equinor
Director: Adri Postema
Manager: Diana Khatun

The Subsea Committee improves HSSE performance and contributes to value creation by focusing on subsea hardware and controls, SURF (subsea facilities from tubing hanger to boarding valve, umbilicals, risers, and flowlines) and the underwater portions of export systems, including pipelines, risers, and isolation valves.

Flexible Pipes

Remote Inspection

Thermoplastic Composite Pipe

Umbilical Life Extension

Environment Directorate Committees and groups

Decommissioning Committee

Chair: Bert Fokkema, Shell
Vice Chairs: John Gillies, ExxonMobil; Eduardo Hebert Zacaron Gomes, Petrobras
Director: Harvey Johnstone
Manager: Ping Teo

The Decommissioning Committee shares international experience and good practice to influence the development and implementation of decommissioning policy and guidance worldwide. We aspire to create a global collaboration framework for decommissioning.



Asset Retirement Obligations

Concrete Gravity Based Structures/Subsea Bundles

Habitat Retention Phase 2

Methane Seepage

Environment Committee

Chairs: Peter Oliver, Chevron; Charles Wood, Shell
Vice Chairs: Dina Kuykendall, Baker Hughes; Paola Pedroni, Eni
Director: Harvey Johnstone
Manager: Ezzaini Ramli

The Environment Committee shares and develops knowledge of the environmental impacts of the oil and gas industry to improve operational practices. The Environment Committee also coordinates and advocates for the exploration and production industry on environmental issues of international significance

Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services Working Group


Environmental Data

Environment Regional Seas

Sound and Marine Life

Waste Management



Environmental Data Strategic Review

Methane RP


Risk-Based Assessment for Produced Water

Metocean Committee

Chair: Oliver Jones, bp
Vice Chairs: Amy Xiaorui Guan, Chevron; Oleg Esenkov, ExxonMobil; Jason McConochie, Shell
Director: Harvey Johnstone
Manager: Lucyna Kryla-Straszewska

The Metocean Committee encourages a better understanding of the value of meteorology and applied physical oceanography, and promotes better awareness and use of the best practical metocean techniques in facility design and operations.

Australia Metocean

West Africa Metocean

Climate Change Workshop (2023)

Climate Change

Europe Directorate Committees and groups

European Board

Chair: Dawn Summers, WintershallDea

The European Board was established to give IOGP Europe a more ‘political’ dimension, high-level strategic guidance, and boost visibility. IOGP Europe’s purpose is to work constructively with policymakers over the coming years to turn the Green Deal’s general orientations into enabling policy measures that are inclusive, fair and cost-effective without compromising on climate ambition.

European Committee

Chair: Olav Syversen, Equinor
Vice Chairs: Nikolaas Baeckelmans, ExxonMobil; Aneta Wilmanska, PGNiG
Director: François-Régis Mouton
Manager: Nareg Terzian

The European Committee represents the interests of IOGP Members by engaging with European policymakers to set the necessary conditions to enable the oil and gas industry to play an optimal role in contributing to the achievement of the EU’s 2050 climate neutrality objective. It is supported by the IOGP Europe office, which specializes in public affairs.

European Policy

European Outreach

European Communications

Supply Clean, Affordable & Secure Energy (SCASE)

Increasing EU’s climate ambition for 2030 & 2050 (30-50)


Financing The Transition (FTI)

EU Environment & Blue Economy (EBE)

Safety Directorate Committees and groups

Health Committee

Chair: Guillermo Gomez, ENI
Vice Chairs: Susanne Schunder-Tatzber, OMV; Kees de Rooij, ExxonMobil
Director: Olav Skår
Co-ordinator: Marinara Rosa

The Health Committee develops scientifically robust,
evidence based guidance and recommendations on
a range of strategic health issues, including occupational,
environmental, and public health. It works towards a
responsible and caring culture that enables people to
perform to the best of their potential.

Occupational Hygiene

Health Performance Indicators (HPI)

Health in the Energy Transition

Safety Committee

Chair: Tony Cramp, Shell
Vice Chairs: Kirsty Walker, Schlumberger; Andrew Clarke, bp; Eric Roth, INPEX
Director: Olav Skår
Co-ordinator: Marinara Rosa

The Safety Committee works to eliminate fatalities from our industry. It enables workplace cultures in which human performance principles are embedded in the design and operation of work environments, leadership sets a tone of trust and inclusion, and the well-being of workforces is a shared imperative. The Committee demonstrates leadership to the industry in using technology to enhance workplace health and safety.


Diving Operations

Geophysical HSSE

Human Factors

Land Transportation

Process Safety

Safety Data

Contractor Management

FPI and Leading Indicators

Life-saving Rules

Fabrication Sites Safety

Risk Assessment Data Directory

Security Committee

Chair: Charlie Weeks, ExxonMobil
Vice Chair: Jamie Jemmeson, ConocoPhillips
Director: Olav Skår
Manager: Diana Khatun

The Security Committee promotes a safe and secure operating environment by mitigating security threats to people, assets, information, operations, and reputation. This is achieved by implementing robust threat and risk assessment processes and minimizing the impact from security-related incidents.

Wells Expert Committee

Chair: Paul Forman, bp
Vice Chair: Alexandre Depiesse, TotalEnergies
Director: Olav Skår
Manager: Diana Khatun

The purpose of the Wells Expert Committee is to improve well operators’ effectiveness throughout the well lifecycle, but particularly during well construction and well work, recognizing that such events pose the highest risk to safety, the environment, and the industry’s licence to operate. Its focus is the prevention and mitigation of high consequence well control events.

Well Control Incidents

Wells Competency & Training

Well Control Systems

Subsea Well Response & Source Control

Land Transportation

Process Safety

Safety Data

Pore Pressure Fracture Gradient

Wells Energy Transition Liaison

Well Standards Liaison

Risk Assessment Data Directory

Communications Directorate groups

Strategic Communications Panel

Chair: Steve Shaw, bp
Director: Omayma Khan
Manager: Danny Walsh

Leveraging existing resources and expertise from within Member companies, the Strategic Communications Panel helps ensure a clear, consistent, and compelling voice for IOGP.

On behalf of IOGP’s Management Committee and Members, it assists the Association’s Secretariat in advancing the industry’s reputation, addressing external stakeholders, and those within Member companies and organizations.

Legal Advisory Panel

Chair: Catherine Marchand Støle, Equinor
Director: Omayma Khan
Manager: Felicite Robertson

The Legal Advisory Panel endeavours to support IOGP by providing tools, guidelines, and analysis of legal frameworks, existing or future, that are of common relevance to the members of IOGP. 

Legal Advisory Expert Group

Tax Expert Group

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