Engineering is at the heart of the oil and gas industry.


Engineering is at the heart of the oil and gas industry.

Engineering is at the heart of the oil and gas industry and plays an integral role in delivering safe and competitive projects, keeping the barrels flowing and our plants reliable. Reducing complexity and controlling project and operating cost are among the biggest challenges facing our industry. Collaboration among major operators to identify, align and sponsor activities, such as standardization, is key to our sector remaining competitive and relevant.

Latest News

IOGP publishes its first subsea CCS guidance

IOGP has published IOGP Report 665 – Subsea CCS design guidance, as a resource for designers and developers of carbon capture and storage (CCS) systems with all, or portions, of the system located underwater.

IOGP publishes a second Technical specification for calibration and verification of offshore surface survey and positioning systems

Efficiency and standardization continue to be key watchwords for the industry as it strives ever harder to deliver low-carbon, safe, and efficient energy sources to the world.

IOGP publishes industry guidelines for Seawater pressure to depth conversions

This recent Geomatics Committee publication aims to provide a voluntary standardized approach for the determination of depth or height from seawater pressure observations, a subject for which there is currently no industry-wide technical specification.

Technical specification for calibration and verification of Offshore surface survey and positioning systems released

IOGP has released IOGP Report 624-02-01 – Technical specification for calibration and verification of offshore surface survey and positioning systems.

IOGP Geomatics 11th Industry Day: Geomatics in the Energy Transition

The IOGP Geomatics 11th Industry Day, co-hosted by IOGP, bp, and Shell, highlighted the importance of the geomatics discipline in an ever-evolving industry.

GIGS: playing a key role in raising awareness of geospatial integrity

IOGP interviewed Josh Townsend, Chair of IOGP’s GIGS Expert Group, about the GIGS project, its benefits to industry, and its success to date.

IOGP releases Land Survey Data Model (LSDM)

(London) IOGP’s Land Survey Data Model (LSDM) is available now. This release continues IOGP Geomatics Committee practice of maintaining an ‘out-of-the-box’ data model template to manage survey data within a geodatabase.

New guidance supports use of the Land Survey Data Model

Topographic and other features mapped during land surveys in oil and gas exploration and production are currently collected in a variety of file types and formats.

Review of subsea well response capability published

In 2011, in response to several damaging oil spill incidents, IOGP Member Companies formed the Global Industry Response Group (GIRG) to ensure that the lessons from these events were applied across the industry.

CCS on the Subsea agenda

What are the roles and requirements for subsea systems in the carbon capture space? That was the topic of a recent Subsea Committee workshop.

11th Geomatics Industry day to focus on the energy transition

This year’s IOGP Geomatics Industry Day will focus on the role that Geomatics plays in the energy transition through delivery of cost competitive and operational efficiency and management of HSSE risks and geospatial data solutions as enablers for existing oil and gas and future energy business.

New guidance on Remote Quality Surveillance (RQS)

The Subsea Installation Committee has now released IOGP Report 609 – Guidance for remote quality surveillance that provides the industry with recommended practices related to the use of RQS.

IOGP chairs subsea response session at Interspill

At Interspill 2022, Diana Khatun, IOGP’s Senior Manager for Security, Subsea, and Wells, chaired a session on subsea response, addressing subsea readiness, R&D on subsea dispersants and learnings from a large-scale exercises.

Geomatics Committee appoints new Chair

The IOGP Geomatics Committee welcomes Zurinah Yen Puasa of Shell, Vice Chair of IOGP’s Geomatics Committee, as the new Chair.  Her experience and knowledge of the industry will help drive growth and give geomatics more influence as we move into the energy transition. We caught up with her to find out more about her experience, this role, and how she plans to help grow geomatics contributions to the industry.

Thermoplastic Composite Pipes Task Force identifies potential failure mechanisms

Thermoplastic composite pipes are a relatively new technology with the potential to be an attractive choice for offshore applications.

Subsea digitalization and electric VXT workshop summary published

IOGP’s Subsea Committee has published an executive summary of its subsea digitalization and electrification workshop.

Geomatics Committee invites feedback on P Formats and Seabed Survey Data Model

The Geomatics Committee is inviting feedback to better understand the value of the P Formats and Seabed Survey Data Model to its users and IOGP Members. The deadline for responses to both surveys is May 15th – please use the links below if you’d like to participate.

Geomatics can play a pivotal energy transition role

The pivotal role of geomatics in achieving the energy transition was underlined at the IOGP/Petrobras 10th Geomatics Industry Day held on 7-8 December, 2021.

A step forward for flexible pipe safety in operations

IOGP has built upon existing industry standards and specifications for flexible pipes with the publication of a new guideline on the qualification of internal pressure sheaths in flexible pipe that offers robust testing procedures for critical infrastructure.

Industry Day shows how geomatics is contributing to the energy transition

In December, IOGP’s 10th Geomatics Industry Day, organized jointly with Petrobras, attracted over 150 attendees who learned how this discipline is contributing to the energy transition.

Geomatics Industry Day will focus on emerging technologies for a low carbon future

The 2021 IOGP / Petrobras 10th Geomatics Industry Day will explore emerging technologies for deepwater survey and geospatial operations, in a low carbon future. It takes place on December 7th-8th.

New GIGS platform published

IOGP has published a new digital GIGS framework.

You are invited to the 10th Geomatics Industry Day: Geomatics in a low carbon future

The energy industry is increasingly aligned with climate action and environmental goals to reduce carbon emissions and the drive to ‘net zero’. Geomatics has a strong part to play in this arena across a multitude of activities.

IOGP launches a new Task Force to deliver Common Industry Technical Specification for Fundamental Survey Sensors

(London) Efficiency and standardization continue to be key watchwords for the industry as it recovers from the Corona virus epidemic and strives ever-harder to deliver safer, low cost and lower carbon energy sources to the world.

Revision of the Guidelines for GNSS positioning in the Oil and Gas industry published by IOGP and IMCA

The updated ‘Guidelines for GNSS Positioning in the Oil and Gas Industry’ has been released by the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) as IOGP Report 373-19 and the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) as IMCA S 015.

3 questions…. on Geomatics

Lucyna (Lucy) Kryla-Straszewska, IOGP Geomatics and Metocean Manager, describes the work of the Geomatics Committee

‘P’ is for positioning

IOGP releases new P7/17 wellbore positioning data exchange format

Geomatics Webinars on P6/11 Seismic Bin Grid Data Exchange Format

On the 3rd and 5th November 2020, the Geomatics Committee has delivered two webinars dedicated to IOGP P6/11 Exchange Format. This industry standard is designed for 3D seismic bin grid

EGM 2020: Geomatics Standards – driving simplification and digital transformation

The Geomatics Committee is driving improved efficiency in the industry, through common standards for geospatial data management, visualisation & analytics, and in the simplification of survey and positioning operations. This

Trust but Verify! New Geomatics Task Force puts geospatial integrity on the digitalisation map

Spatially-aware applications are at the forefront of the digitalisation revolution, providing the energy industry with new revenue and value-producing opportunities. Geomatics is at the heart of facilitating this revolution and

Oceans of possibility

The ocean is our planet’s largest ecosystem. It stabilizes climate, stores carbon, produces oxygen, nurtures unimaginable biodiversity, and directly supports human wellbeing through food, mineral, and energy resources, as well as providing cultural and recreational opportunities. Unfortunately, much of the ocean is now seriously degraded, and as a responsible sea user, IOGP is working to help the industry play its role as part of the solution.

New Geodesy Guidance Note for the US Gulf of Mexico released by the Geomatics Committee

The new Geomatics Committee Guidance Note 26 (IOGP Report 373-26) describes the recommended practice for the use of coordinate reference systems (CRSs) and coordinate transformations (CTs) between CRSs for the US Gulf of Mexico Outer Continental Shelf (GoM OCS).

Frederic Auger to lead the Geomatics Committee

IOGP’s Geomatics Committee has elected Frederic Auger of Total as Chair. He succeeds Walter Jardine of BP, who is now serving as a vice-chair.

IOGP’s EPSG Geodetic Registry Platform is getting an upgrade

An upgraded EPSG Geodetic Registry platform could soon describe dynamic coordinate reference systems and derived CRSs which may be used for defining seismic bin grids.

New guide helps plan source control emergency response for subsea wells

IOGP’s Wells Expert Committee (WEC) has produced a new report to help guide operating companies in planning and preparing an effective emergency response plan for subsea oil spills and gas leaks.

IOGP releases version 1.1 of User Guide for P1/11 Geophysical position data exchange format

The International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) has released version 1.1 of its User Guide for the P1/11 Geophysical position data exchange format.

Geodesy goodbye

Throughout, Roel has “stood out as a man of vision and technical aptitude,” says Subcommittee Chairman, Roger Lott. “During his time on the Subcommittee Roel has been instrumental in the

Geomatics launch pilot project to deliver first common industry technical specification for offshore survey equipment

Standardization continues to be a top priority for the Association, supporting improvements in safety, reliability and the integrity of industry operations globally.

IOGP releases updated version of the Guidelines for the conduct of offshore drilling hazard site surveys

IOGP has published an update to the Guidelines, reflecting feedback on use of the original document from regulators from around the world, IOGP member companies, contractors, verification bodies and consultants.

IOGP releases Geomatics Guidance Note 24: Vertical Data in Oil and Gas Applications

IOGP has released the Geomatics Guidance Note 24 (IOGP Report Number: 373-24), Vertical Data in Oil and Gas Applications.

IOGP Geomatics Committee flies the flag at National Data Repository 2017

Richard Wylde and Sigrid Matthes, representing the IOGP Geomatics Committee, delivered two breakout sessions on recent developments in Geomatics standards at this year’s National Data Repository (NDR2017), held at the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate offices in Stavanger, Norway.

2017 Geomatics Industry Day glimpses into the future

The 7th IOGP Industry Day, organised jointly with Statoil at their offices in Stavanger, welcomed some 80 participants representing more than 50 different organisations.

Geomatics: Highlights explores one discipline that’s fundamental to E&P

IOGP’s Geomatics Committee is one of the Association’s most active. What exactly does it do, and why does it matter? To find out, Highlights decided to get to the bottom

Operators’ position and key messages on standards

This paper addresses the way forward for oil and gas industry standards. Download the position paper

Geomatics and Legal Committees meet to discuss licence boundaries

It is very important for Operators to have an accurate and unequivocal definition of their exploration and operating licence boundaries. This certainty properly defines the commitment area, supports unitisation agreements

Shell releases its ‘Standard Legend’ to industry and academia

Shell has recently released an updated version of their Shell Standard Legend. The revised version includes new pipeline symbology and an additional symbol set in support of Urban Planning, as

Statoil to host 2017 IOGP Geomatics Industry Day in Stavanger

This April, Stavanger’s E&P professionals will get a chance to learn about the good practices and latest trends in Survey & Positioning and Geospatial Data Management at a Geomatics Industry

Position Paper on the development and use of international standards

Discover IOGP's position on the development and use of international standards OGP strongly supports the internationalisation of key standards used by the petroleum and natural gas industries. OGP's goal is

Walter Jardine takes the lead in Geomatics

Walter Jardine, BP’s Survey & Positioning Authority, is the new Chair of IOGP’s Geomatics Committee.  He previously chaired the Geophysical Operations Subcommittee. Walter has 30 years’ industry experience in providing

Geomatics webinar reaches global audience

In the interests of greater efficiency, lower costs and enhanced reach, IOGP’s Geomatics Committee held its first webinar on 10 March, hosted by Walter Jardine, chair of the Geophysical Operations

Geomatics Industry Day focuses on expertise & support

Some 100 Geomatics experts gathered in Aberdeen last month for an Industry Day devoted to innovation, efficiency and standardization initiatives.  IOGP’s Geomatics Committee collaborated with the International Marine Contractors Association

Geomatics webinar reaches global audience

In the interests of greater efficiency, lower costs and enhanced reach, IOGP’s Geomatics Committee held its first webinar on 10 March, hosted by Walter Jardine, chair of the Geophysical Operations

IOGP publishes EPSG registry developer guide

IOGP has published a revision of IOGP 373-7-3 – Geomatics Guidance Note Number 7, part 3, a multi-part document for users of the EPSG Dataset. Part 3 – the Registry

Aberdeen to host Geomatics Industry Day in April

This April, Aberdeen’s E&P professionals will get a chance to learn about the latest trends in Geomatics at a Geomatics Industry Day, hosted by Shell. The one-day event will take

Subsea Chair identifies key role for standardization

“Standardization plays a key role in achieving volume on selected solutions, obtaining cost and time reductions and HSE and quality improvements,” says Roald Sirevaag of Statoil, who chairs IOGP’ Subsea

IOGP SSDM Task Force seeks industry feedback on SSDM v1

The IOGP Seabed Survey Data Model Task Force would like to receive industry feedback on SSDM v1. The results will be used to guide development of SSDM v2. If you

Geomatics outreach event set for 28th October, Houston

In October, IOGP’s Geomatics Committee will be in Houston as part of an industry outreach event for oil and gas industry geomatics professionals and others with an interest in the

IOGP releases sample P Formats files

In support of the recent upgrade to version V1.1 of the OGP P1/11 and OGP P2/11 position data exchange formats the IOGP Geophysical Operations Subcommittee has published two sample files.

IOGP releases version 1.1 of geophysical position data exchange formats

The International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) has released version 1.1 of its P1 and P2 geophysical position data exchange formats. Originally released in 2012 to replace the

Woodside to host OGP’s 4th Geomatics Industry Day in Perth

OGP’s 2014 Geomatics Industry Day will be organised jointly by the Association’s Geomatics Committee and Woodside Energy Ltd. This one-day outreach event will take place at Woodside’s headquarters in Perth, Western

Geomatics Task Force aims for global reach

A group of geomatics and well bore positioning specialists is aiming to provide a new format for well bore survey data exchange. The requirement for a format that fully meets

Geomatics Committee releases guidance on SSDM interface

Since its publication in April 2011, the Seabed Survey Data Model (SSDM) Version 1 has become the de facto industry standard for delivering seabed survey data in geographic information system

Workshop tackles geomatics challenges in southern Iraq

Image: Participants of the Geomatics Committee’s workshop on geomatic and geodetic challenges in southern Iraq In November, geomatics managers representing eleven oil and gas companies met in Istanbul, Turkey, to

Petrobras hosts OGP’s Geomatics Industry Day in Rio

Geomatics Committee gathered in Rio de Janeiro on 21 and 22 October for their biannual committee meeting, hosted by Petrobras, at the company’s CENPES R&D center. This was followed by

Geomatics Committee releases Geographic Information Systems data model

OGP’s Geomatics Committee has recently released the P6 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Data Model to supplement the OGP P6/11 Seismic bin grid data exchange format published in 2012. Since the

New Vice Chair at Geomatics Committee

Sigrid Matthes is the new Vice Chair of the Geomatics Committee. She joins Chair Palle Jensen in leading the Committees efforts to promote the discipline within the industry. Sigrid says

Palle Jensen leads OGP’s geomatics activities

The Geomatics Committee’s Chair, Palle Jensen of Maersk Oil, is leading the Committee’s efforts within the Geomatics discipline  to the benefit of the OGP members and the upstream industr. Palle

Geomatics: further guidance on using OGP’s Seabed Survey Data Model

OGP’s Geomatics Committee, chaired by Palle Juul Jensen, has recently published a guideline for the delivery of seabed survey data in GIS format in compliance with the OGP Seabed Survey

OGP publishes revised guidelines for conducting offshore drilling hazard site surveys

OGP’s Geomatics Committee has recently produced a revised version of its Guidelines for the conduct of offshore drilling hazard site surveys (Report No 373-18-1). Published in May 2013, the updated

Richard Wylde honoured for ‘immense contribution’ to Geomatics Committee

The Management Committee’s recent meeting at OGP’s London offices provided the opportunity to commemorate the efforts of the Geomatics Committee Chair, Richard Wylde, on the occasion of his retirement from

Directorate highlights

JIP33 Phase 3

JIP33 specifications’ success

Our Joint Industry Programme on the standardization of procurement (JIP33) delivered its 48th specification and saw more than 55,000 downloads in 2021. 42 specifications have now been adopted and 25 used for purchasing specifications by operator Member Companies.

Geomatics in a low-carbon future

A joint IOGP/Petrobras 10th Geomatics Industry Day, with ‘Geomatics in a low carbon future’ as its theme underlined the pivotal role geomatics has in the energy transition. It is now available on-demand .

An executive summary is available in the IOGP publications library.

API Standards website

Licence agreement with API

In 2021 IOGP entered into a licence agreement with API to use their content of select standards free of copyrights for joint development of the standards under the IOGP Standards Solution framework. Under the license agreement, three pilot standards have been selected for joint development by API, ISO and IOGP experts: ISO 28300; ISO 3183; ISO 13628-1

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