Guidance aims to increase clarity and reduce ambiguous technical requirements

Projects in the oil and gas industry are large and complex, and project execution can be negatively affected by unclear or ambiguous technical requirements. Greater precision in the drafting of requirements for use in the oil and gas industry will make projects easier to manage and reduce risk.

The updated IOGP Report 604 –Guidance on requirement development includes feedback and learning from the first edition, and focuses on improving the quality of technical writing and providing practical guidance for using this in practice. It draws from good practices across the industry and has been applied by some Member Companies and in IOGP JIPs to improve the quality of technical writing.

This guidance, supported by training and appropriate review processes, is recommended to be applied by standards development organizations to prepare technical content for effective digital application.

IOGP Report 604 – Guidance on requirement development is available for download from our publications library.

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