Accelerating progress on procurement standards

The IOGP-managed JIP33 held its first Industry Day on September 16, 2019,
at BP’s Helios Plaza in Houston. It attracted 120 representatives from 41
organisations representing suppliers, engineering contractors and operators.

The purpose of the Industry Day was to educate participants on JIP33’s work on standardising procurement, demonstrate commitment from the oil and gas industry majors at an executive level and encourage increased dialogue and collaboration across the supply chain.

Richard Mortimer expounds on the case for change

Led by Richard Mortimer (VP Engineering BP, and JIP33 Steering Committee Chair) and Adri Postema (JIP33 Programme Director, Seconded to IOGP from Shell) the event was supported by senior engineering leaders – Raymond Jones, ExxonMobil; Steinar Vaage, ConocoPhillips and Dave Wisch, Chevron. These senior leaders voiced their advocacy for JIP33 and shared how their own organisations were advancing in adopting the JIP33 specifications that have already been published.

“The event offered an opportunity for suppliers and engineering contractors to provide feedback and perspectives on the JIP33 program. The discussions were lively, energetic and constructive,” Adri says.

This was the first of three Industry Days, planned for the rest 2019: the second, hosted by Eni, took place in Milan on 11 October and the third will be in Kuala Lumpur on 18 November, under the auspices of Petronas.

IP33 has also recently published 4 draft specifications, each with a 4 week consultation period. They are:

All are listed on the specifications development page.

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