Geomatics: further guidance on using OGP’s Seabed Survey Data Model

OGP’s Geomatics Committee, chaired by Palle Juul Jensen, has recently published a guideline for the delivery of seabed survey data in GIS format in compliance with the OGP Seabed Survey Data Model (SSDM).

Hydrographic and geophysical surveys are undertaken by exploration and production companies to support the planning and execution of activities such as:

  • Evaluating potential drilling locations
  • Identifying hazards to planned drilling, construction and other operations
  • Selecting potential pipeline routes and offshore facility locations
  • Managing asset integrity

OGP published the SSDM in 2011.  The aim was to provide an industry standard  for the delivery of seabed survey data in GIS format.  This had the benefit of improving the management and use of seabed survey data and its integration with other types of data for planning, site evaluation etc.

The SSDM documentation’s guideline for data use  has now been supplemented by the Guideline for the delivery of the Seabed Survey Data Model.

“Operators may use this guideline to specify the requirements for seabed survey data delivery to their survey contractors, and supplement it with additional company detailed specifications, if required,” says Palle.

The new document is downloadable here.

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