Geomatics Industry Day will focus on emerging technologies for a low carbon future

The 2021 IOGP/Petrobras 10th Geomatics Industry Day will explore emerging technologies for deepwater survey and geospatial operations, in a low-carbon future.

Geomatics has a strong part to play in climate action, environmental efforts to reduce carbon emissions, and the drive to ‘net zero’. This includes in areas such as minimal- and unattended, remotely-operated, and autonomous survey operations; advanced positioning technology and geospatial visualization; environmental baseline and monitoring surveys; methane emissions mapping visualization and monitoring; carbon capture and storage support; improved crisis management through integrated common operating pictures; and geospatial analytics.

The online event comprises two half day sessions:

Day 1 (7 December 2021, 1300-1700 UTC) will focus on how emerging survey, positioning and geospatial technologies support global deepwater activity, improved operational efficiency, and reduced energy consumption.

Day 2 (8 December 2021, 1300-1800 UTC), led by Petrobras, will showcase deepwater geomatics activities, specifically in Brazil, including efforts from educational and government bodies.

For more information, please contact the Geomatics Committee Manager, Lucyna Kryla-Straszewska, at or visit to download a programme and register.

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