A step forward for flexible pipe safety in operations

Farzan Parsinejad
Farzan Parsinejad, Chevron, Flexible Pipes Subcommittee Chair

IOGP has built upon existing industry standards and specifications for flexible pipes with the publication of a new guideline on the qualification of internal pressure sheaths in flexible pipe that offers robust testing procedures for critical infrastructure.

“It is a major step forward as it addresses a variety of the common and uncommon failure modes on this critical component which have been experienced worldwide,” said Farzan Parsinejad, Chevron, who chairs the Flexible Pipes Subcommittee.

“This guideline can help the industry to proactively assess and mitigate any potential failures that could be experienced in operations and, as a result, it can significantly improve the safety and reliability of flexible pipes in operations.”

IOGP 645 – Recommended test procedures for the qualification of internal pressure sheaths of flexible pipes supplements the qualification requirements of API 17J – Specification for Unbonded Flexible Pipe, 4th edition, and API 17B – Recommended Practice for Flexible Pipe, 5th edition.

“This monumental work was completed due to the dedication of subject matter experts from IOGP Members and SINTEF, with input from suppliers of flexible pipes. As such, this work is an exemplary complement to the current edition of API 17B, Recommend Practice for Flexible Pipe. IOGP is in conversation with API Subcommittee 17 to adopt the instructions within this document in the next revision of API 17B,” Farzan added.

The IOGP Subsea Committee thanks all the IOGP Members who were involved in and contributed to this new publication.

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