IOGP chairs subsea response session at Interspill

Diana Khatun (second from left) with presenters at Interspill session on subsea response

At Interspill 2022, Diana Khatun, IOGP’s Senior Manager for Security, Subsea, and Wells, chaired a session on subsea response, addressing subsea readiness, R&D on subsea dispersants and learnings from a large-scale exercises.

“The industry is focussed on prevention. However, as an industry, we must be prepared to respond for low probability but potentially high consequence events, such as a subsea well control event,” said Diana.

“Working together helps all key stakeholders. Consistency in planning, competency and resourcing, exercises and training is critical. There is real strength in collaboration. This is the future.”

IOGP, Ipieca, and Oil Spill Response’s booth at Interspill

The event featured 70 exhibitors, and brought together local, regional, and global environmental and shipping representatives across industry, governmental and non-governmental organizations to discuss issues including spill causes and prevention, preparedness, responses, and environmental management.

The next spill response and preparedness conference in the triennial series will be SpillCon in Brisbane, Australia, 11-15 September 2023.

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