Improving standardization among owner operators

In a call to address the lack of practical standards for information exchange in the industry, the IOGP Standards Committee has initiated an “Information Standards Sub-Committee” for owner operators.  This will seek to influence standardization requirements and priorities for the industry developed by the information standards bodies.

It reflects the continued growth in business information and data complexity and quantity in the upstream world.  Even though these information requirements are common across the sector, there are very few recognised industry standards in place to streamline interoperability between stakeholders and supply chain.

Numerous existing standards organisations are striving to deliver information and data industry standards.  However, without the collective support of the owner operators it’s virtually impossible for these organisations to agree de-facto information standards.

The Sub Committee objective will be to support and accelerate standardization of primarily technical information and thereby improve the efficiency of the supply chain, including EPCs and equipment suppliers.

Examples of areas for consideration include vendor documents and data requirements, project handover specifications, spare parts, 3D scans and corrosion data.
A kick-off teleconference, held on 17 December, expanded on the intent and determined way forward. The Committee invites all IOGP members to contribute and participate.

If you are interested in this work, please contact Alf Reidar Johansen If you have any questions, please contact, and/or

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