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New guide helps plan source control emergency response for subsea wells

IOGP’s Wells Expert Committee (WEC) has produced a new report to help guide operating companies in planning and preparing an effective emergency response plan for subsea oil spills and gas leaks.

Report 594 covers basic emergency response organisational format, roles and responsibilities, well design considerations, source control options, and implementation considerations. The new document will also help to inform non-technical stakeholders about what is involved in subsea source control.

Specific report topics include:

  • Subsea source well control overview
  • Elements of source control
  • Emergency response framework
  • Well design considerations for supporting source control
  • Subsea well source control response planning
  • Capping stack equipment and preparation
  • Flow containment equipment and preparation

“This report, produced by the WEC’s Subsea Well Response and Source Control Subcommittee, provides a valuable emergency planning tool for all offshore operators” says Committee Manager Diana Khatun. “Particular thanks are due to the Subcommittee’s Chair, Chris Carstens of Chevron as well as José Barreto (also Chevron), Patrick Brenan and Steve Brashier (Kosmos) and Merrick Kelley (BP)”.

Copies of IOGP Report 594 – Source Control Emergency Response Planning Guide for Subsea Wells are freely available from

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