IOGP data website

Data can play a vital role in improving performance.

Data can play a vital role in improving performance. Every year, we collect data on worldwide upstream operations, onshore and offshore, from participating member companies and their contractor employees.

These data cover a range of topics: Occupational safety, Environmental performance, Process safety events, Health management, Land transport safety, and Aviation safety.

The data then form the basis for annual reports that provide trend analysis and benchmarking and identify areas and activities that can improve performance.

IOGP data website

The collection, collation, and reporting of performance data in safety, health, and environmental performance has been a central part of the IOGP work programme since 1998. Each year, IOGP Member Companies are invited to submit performance data on these topics to IOGP’s voluntary data collection programme. Submitted data are compiled, analysed, anonymised, and reported in the IOGP Data Series, published annually. The IOGP Data Series is one of IOGP’s most accessed products.

The IOGP Data Series is presented online at Users can search, sort, and compare data more easily, and download individual graphics and tables. Access to the data website is completely free of charge.

Safety performance indicators

The industry’s largest database of safety performance

Environmental performance indicators

The database represents about one-third of known hydrocarbon production

Process safety events

Process safety is a disciplined framework for managing the integrity of operating systems and processes that handle hazardous substances.

Health leading performance indicators

Including two tools to assess health leading performance indicators within individual companies.


Presenting the safety performance of the aviation industry involved in both upstream and downstream operations.

Motor vehicle crash data

Driving-related incidents have historically been the single largest cause of fatalities in IOGP Member Company operations.

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