New guidance on Remote Quality Surveillance (RQS)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, where in-person inspection was either difficult or impossible, remote quality surveillance (RQS) has been increasingly used to inspect activities and processes in facilities using video cameras, photos, or other virtual tools. This technology will continue to grow in use. The Subsea Installation Committee has now released IOGP Report 609 – Guidance for remote quality surveillance that provides the industry with recommended practices related to the use of RQS.

Throughout the extensive global supply chain, the manufacturing and construction of materials and equipment undergo rigorous quality processes to ensure safe and reliable operations. While quality inspections continue to take place onsite, technology solutions have become available to substitute in-person quality surveillance through RQS.

Michael Matusek (Chevron), Chair of the Remote Inspection Task Force, commented, “This effort was initiated to address the lack of industry standards in this area and was a partnership between operators and vendors. It provided an open forum for the sharing of lessons learned and harmonization of requirements on this evolving approach to quality surveillance. The guideline will help standardize industry processes, reduce costs, improved safety, reduce carbon footprint, and minimize interruptions in vendor processes and facilities.”

The Remote Inspection Task Force was set up in March 2021 by IOGP’s Subsea Committee.

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