Geomatics Committee releases Geographic Information Systems data model

OGP’s Geomatics Committee has recently released the P6 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Data Model to supplement the OGP P6/11 Seismic bin grid data exchange format published in 2012.

Since the creation of the original P6 format in 1998, the critical role of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in managing, analysing and mapping geo-information has developed. GIS is an integration technology and provides the framework to combine spatially referenced information, of which seismic positioning data is an essential component in the oil and gas industry. The requirement to be able to visualise and use seismic bin grid definitions in GIS has become increasingly important.

  • Seismic positioning quality control  enables verification of t geographic location relative to surrounding seismic surveys, wells, permits etc
  • Better spatial understanding of seismic coverage locates  existing bin grids and the extent of  full fold coverage
  • The ability to spatially search seismic bin grids generates the information needed for processing and acquisition reports

With this in mind, the OGP 3D Seismic Bin Grid Task Force, with the support of the OGP Seabed Survey Data Model TF, has developed a GIS Data Model for the storage and visualisation of seismic bin grid definitions.  This is based on the new OGP P6/11 Seismic bin grid data exchange format format. The data model uses the same design principles of the well-adopted OGP Seabed Survey Data Model (SSDM) and provides the industry with an ESRI geodatabase template, data dictionary, symbology stylesheet and an example dataset in addition to the guideline document.

Oil & gas companies can use the P6 GIS Data Model:

  • as a framework for the spatial QC of seismic bin grids before the data is loaded to the seismic interpretation system
  • to verify the location of proposed drilling locations in GIS
  • to develop a corporate spatial databases of seismic data used by operators

The P6 GIS Data Model is downloadable here.

The Guidelines for the use of the OGP P6/11 bin grid GIS data model is available here

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