IOGP’s EPSG Geodetic Registry Platform is getting an upgrade

An upgraded EPSG Geodetic Registry platform could soon describe dynamic coordinate reference systems and derived CRSs which may be used for defining seismic bin grids.

IOGP’s Geomatics Committee recently agreed to upgrade its EPSG Geodetic Parameter Registry to include such enhancements within the recent revision of ISO 19111 – Referencing by coordinates.

It awarded the work to Geomatic Solutions. The revamped registry will be based on an extended version of Geomatic Solutions’ GeoRepository software and will involve a change of platform.

The work will be done during 2019 in three phases, with change of platform anticipated at the beginning of Q4 2019. Subscribers to the EPSG Database will be notified of the transfer arrangements in due course.

For further information contact Geomatics Committee manager at

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