Workshop tackles geomatics challenges in southern Iraq

Image: Participants of the Geomatics Committee’s workshop on geomatic and geodetic challenges in southern Iraq

In November, geomatics managers representing eleven oil and gas companies met in Istanbul, Turkey, to tackle southern Iraq’s geomatics and geodetic challenges.

South Oil Company, the state organisation responsible for the oil in southern Iraq, hosted the workshop. Roel Nicolai, representing the OGP Geomatics Committee, facilitated. He invited participants to share their knowledge of the coordinate reference systems used in the region, discuss its geodetic challenges and agree common practices.

Roel began the meeting with an overview of the geodetic reference systems used in Iraq, past and present. He based his presentation on information held in OGP’s EPSG geodetic parameter dataset and on industry regional practice. Then, participants gave short presentations on the key practical geodetic and geomatics difficulties they experienced. Finally, the work of reaching agreement on a variety of geodetic matters began.

The results were very positive. Consensus was reached on more points than expected, but it was also realised that more work is needed. Attendees agreed to hold a follow-up meeting to address remaining points. This is likely to take place in early 2014.

“The workshop successfully established a means of cooperation between the operators and authorities in the region,” said Palle Juul Jensen, Chair of the OGP Geomatics Committee. “And, it provides a good example of how the Committee works to develop and disseminate best practice and provide a forum for the exchange of experiences and knowledge.”

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