Richard Wylde honoured for ‘immense contribution’ to Geomatics Committee

The Management Committee’s recent meeting at OGP’s London offices provided the opportunity to commemorate the efforts of the Geomatics Committee Chair, Richard Wylde, on the occasion of his retirement from the position.

Management Committee Chair and Geomatics Committee sponsor, Brad Corson of ExxonMobil, reflected on Richard’s contribution over the years. ‘His passion for GIS, geodesy and geophysics is admirable.

His immense contribution to the committee spans nine years, two and half years as Geomatics Committee Chair, working on changing the perception of geo-information technology within industry.

‘Richard made enormous efforts to keep the geomatics community linked in to other groups. He spent a vast amount of time emphasising the value of co-operation, and promoting the Geomatics Committee throughout the E&P industry.

‘Richard also worked on the Geospatial Integrity of Geoscience Software initiative (GIGS), and was very supportive and enthusiastic about developing new P-Formats for seismic data exchange, enhancing EPSG Registry and creating the Seabed Survey Data Model.’

To commemorate his time as Chair and as a mark of the Association’s gratitude and esteem Brad presented Richard with a crystal oil-rig obelisk.

Under Richard’s leadership the committee has created the Earth Observation and Geo-Information Subcommittees to support OGP members within the areas of Remote Sensing and GIS technology. In 2012 and 2013 the Committee raised OGP’s profile within the industry through a number of open day events such as ‘Industry Days’ in Calgary and Kuala Lumpur, and ‘P-Formats Seminars’ in Houston, London, Perth, Kaula Lupmur and Stavanger.

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