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Material Digital Passport Project Engages Stakeholders with Webinars and Workshops

The Material Digital Passport (MDP) project, an IOGP Joint Industry Sprint, has recently engaged stakeholders with a series of webinars and workshops. The objective was to involve attendees in the specification development process, and gather feedback and suggestions to refine the MDP ecosystem.

Two one-hour webinars aimed to raise awareness about the MDP initiative and provide an overview of its development status, key principles, and building blocks. With 246 participants from 93 different companies and associations spanning the energy industry’s supply chain, as well as digital service providers and consortia with ties to the IOGP Joint Industry Sprint 01 (JIS01), the webinars showcased widespread interest and engagement.

During the webinars, participants had the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of the MDP through surveys and interactive Q&A sessions. Surveys aimed to gauge the overall perception of the initiative and address specific implementation issues. Encouragingly, feedback indicated a positive reception, with no showstoppers identified and a consensus on the usefulness and effectiveness of the proposed ecosystem.

Building upon the momentum of the webinars, a series of three half-day “deep dive” workshops were conducted in February. These workshops provided stakeholders with the opportunity for direct interaction and deeper exploration of MDP intricacies.

With 75 individuals representing 40 different companies, the workshops fostered focused discussions among key stakeholders. Attendees, having reviewed the MDP specification beforehand, came prepared to share insights, observations, and concerns. The workshops proved highly successful, with active participation and an average satisfaction rate of 4.6 out of 5, showcasing stakeholders’ eagerness to contribute to the project’s success.

The release of the MDP draft specification (IOGP Report 600-01), in February, marked a milestone in the project’s progress, opening a public review consultation period. The workshops served as a crucial complement to this review process, providing a platform for stakeholders to offer feedback directly to the JIS01.

As the project moves towards its finalization, the observations and suggestions raised during the workshops, along with feedback from the public review, will inform further refinements to the MDP specification. The Digital Transformation Committee of IOGP will oversee this process, ensuring that the finalized specification aligns with industry needs and standards.

The engagement of stakeholders through webinars and workshops underscores the industry’s keen interest and support for the Material Digital Passport project. With active participation, constructive feedback, and a collaborative spirit, stakeholders are driving the project forward towards its goal of enhancing digitalization and efficiency within the energy sector.

As the finalized version of the MDP specification approaches publication, stakeholders can anticipate a solution that reflects their input and addresses industry challenges effectively. The success of the webinars and workshops bodes well for the future implementation and adoption of the MDP, heralding a new era of digital transformation within the energy industry.

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