IOGP Geomatics Committee flies the flag at National Data Repository 2017

Richard Wylde and Sigrid Matthes, representing the IOGP Geomatics Committee, delivered two breakout sessions on recent developments in Geomatics standards at this year’s National Data Repository (NDR2017), held at the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate offices in Stavanger, Norway. NDR2017 is a conference and workshop for representatives from global data legislation and National Data Repositories. The conference facilitates the spread of information trends, applications and data standards within the industry.

The three-day meeting attracted 165 representatives from over 30 countries. Along with presentations from sponsors and 22 country reports, breakout sessions covered topics such as wells, seismic, analytics, shared knowledge, geological samples, and data completeness and quality checks.

Richard and Sigrid’s sessions presented an overview of the geophysical position data exchange formats (Px/11), and the importance of ensuring sufficient coordinate reference system information, with a particular focus on license boundaries.  The material was well received and attendees voted in favour of the legislated use of international data exchange formats (such as those produced by the IOGP Geomatics Committee) as the key enabler in future progress within the NDR community, across the full data life cycle.

Many attendees used the opportunity to talk to the IOGP representatives. Richard and Sigrid provided attendees with flyers and posters covering key Geomatics Committee messages. In parallel, a breakout session delivered by Jill Lewis, representing the Society of Exploration Geophysicists – SEG, spoke about the positive collaboration between IOGP and SEG regarding recent revisions to the positioning elements of SEG seismic standards.

Both IOGP representatives saw the event as a positive opportunity to share Geomatics Committee views and principles with representatives from many different countries and organisations. Equally, the legislators present expressed the value they derived from engaging with representatives of independent oil companies (IOGP) and hoped it would be repeated at future NDR events.

Follow up discussions with the NDR organizing committee are exploring options for IOGP to engage with the NDR community between these conferences.  This would benefit the future adoption of positioning formats and standards, as well as ensuring continuous co-operation between all parties when acquiring and submitting data.

The material shared with NDR attendees is available below:

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