OGP publishes revised guidelines for conducting offshore drilling hazard site surveys

OGP’s Geomatics Committee has recently produced a revised version of its Guidelines for the conduct of offshore drilling hazard site surveys (Report No 373-18-1). Published in May 2013, the updated document addresses the conduct of geophysical and hydrographic site surveys of proposed offshore well locations and the use of exploration 3D seismic data to enhance, or to replace, acquisition of a site survey.

The guidelines include chapters on:

  • Objectives of site surveys
  • Site survey process
  • Desk studies and project planning
  • Data requirements
  • Geohazards analysis and reporting

The revised version includes clarification of recommended survey coverage of planned relief well locations and of data validity in case of a well control incident.

A companion OGP Report, Guideline for the conduct of drilling hazard site surveys – technical notes (Report No 373-18-2), is expected later this year. It will provide more detailed guidance, supporting technical information and background theory on the various equipment,  planning, acquisition, processing and interpretation techniques used in a site survey project that are outlined in The Guidelines.

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