Walter Jardine takes the lead in Geomatics

Walter Jardine, BP’s Survey & Positioning Authority, is the new Chair of IOGP’s Geomatics Committee.  He previously chaired the Geophysical Operations Subcommittee.

Walter has 30 years’ industry experience in providing survey & positioning and geospatial data management support across the full field life cycle. This has included support to seismic acquisition, site and route surveys, rig and well positioning, many facets of project construction and decommissioning, and asset integrity management and mapping.

Commenting on his new role, Walter says “I am passionate about the importance of spatial integrity in our industry and believe awareness and technology in this domain can be significant enablers to the safe and efficient delivery of our business. Geography matters and, as around 80% of our data are spatially referenced, it is really important for us to acknowledge and account for this as we plan, risk assess, and execute our activities.“

He should know.  Walter worked as a land and offshore survey contractor for 12 years, including stints in the North Sea, Libya, Brunei, Pakistan, Myanmar, Malaysia and Australia before joining BP in 2001.  There, he has provided resident survey and coordinate integrity support to operations in the North Sea, Trinidad and Azerbaijan, before taking on BP’s global Authority role for this discipline in 2014.

He has a Geography degree, diploma and masters in Surveying, and was chartered in 1992 (RICS).

Outside work and family, his big passion is golf.  “Accurate positioning on the fairway often appears to be as tough a challenge as accurate positioning on the seabed or jungle floor,” he says.

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