Geomatics Webinars on P6/11 Seismic Bin Grid Data Exchange Format

On the 3rd and 5th November 2020, the Geomatics Committee has delivered two webinars dedicated to IOGP P6/11 Exchange Format. This industry standard is designed for 3D seismic bin grid data and can play a unique role in managing such data. The objectives of the webinars was to raise awareness of the format existence and capabilities, and to broaden its user base in the oil and gas industry. The virtual events attracted circa 100 attendees, including: Seismic Acquisition and Operations Geophysicists, Processing Geophysicists, Seismic & Site Survey Surveyors, Geohazards Specialists, Seismic Data Managers, Seismic and Site Survey QA/QC personnel, Interpretation Geophysicists, Geospatial Professionals.

Programme of the Webinars covered:

  • A brief introduction to bin grids
  • An overview of the P6/11 format
  • Use of P6/11 during the seismic data life cycle
  • Managing the provenance of seismic data when reprocessing/merging
  • Limitations when re-projecting 3D bin grids

You can watch the P6 Format Webinar below:

We are pleased to announce that the webinars received an excellent feedback from the attendees. The Committee would like to thank our two presenters, Tony Blackburn and Tom Owen, as well as the event moderator, Walter Jardine, for their contribution to this success.

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