CFIHOS explained

CFIHOS (Joint Industry Programme 36) aims to make information handover quicker, easier and safer for operators, contractors, equipment manufacturers and suppliers by using standardised specifications and change the way that projects and facilities manage their data. The goal of CFIHOS is to give you the tools to get the right information to start, operate, maintain and even decommission your facilities. Using CFIHOS can help deliver benefits such as:

  • Lowering your project cost by giving you a mechanism for getting critical information from your data supply chain
  • Increase data quality for your operations by giving you a framework from the very beginning of your assets life, for its whole life
  • Improve the speed, quality and consistency of your data delivery

CFIHOS (pronounced see-foss) is a true industry standard developed by the industry, for the industry with input from multiple stakeholders, to help show the value of this collaboration and how it works, the project has produced a short, animated, video.

See it at

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