OGP agrees new standards solution

With US and European trade sanctions against several countries in place—challenging the development of globally accepted international standards—OGP and the American Petroleum Institute (API) created a task force to look for a sustainable long-term solution. In the meantime, OGP signed in 2012 an agreement for an ‘interim solution’ with ISO for one year. Its aim was to work the issue and help to continue generating the standards that the industry needs. This worked well and delivered a number of draft standards.

In March of this year, OGP approved the process and procedure for a new standards solution while sanctions last. The Association will no longer need to publish the draft standards, but can send them directly to ISO for balloting or publication.

“We are pleased that this solution builds on a proposal from ISO and welcome all interested parties to start new work and continue existing work on international standards for the benefit of the global oil & gas industry, whilst we continue to look for the long term solution” said Alf Reidar Johansen, OGP Standards Manager.

OGP has appointed Jarno Dakhorst as its contact for this standards solution. He can be reached at

Further information can be found here.

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