Four IOGP resources that improve Instrumentation and Automation

For over a decade, IOGP’s Instrumentation and Automation Standards Subcommittee (IASSC) has worked to develop recommended practice on key topics that challenge the oil and gas industry.  The group comprises both operating companies and global suppliers’ representatives. To date, it has developed four recommended practices, covering remote operations, obsolescence, level measurement, and High Integrity Protection Systems (HIPS).  The primary aim of these documents is to harmonize the operating companies’ requirements and recommended practices to the subject matters.

These are freely available to download from the IOGP website –

Report 443 – High Integrity Protection Systems – Recommended Practice

This document enables the industry to achieve a higher level of safety, reliability, and maintainability of HIPS by sharing many years of experience and best practices. This recommended practice gives practical, application specific guidance, in a compact and easy to understand document.

Report 547 – Hydrocarbon process single and multi-layer level measurement – Recommended Practice  

Measurement of single and multi‐layer level in the hydrocarbon processing industries is commonly needed but doing so accurately is often challenging. The document helps Product Manufacturer and Asset Owners to deliver level measurement devices proven in use and suitable for specific applications.

It provides an easy access guide to all level measurement technology employed in the oil and gas industry, supplementing existing standards. 

Report 551 – Obsolescence and life cycle management for automation systems – Recommended practice

With the ever-increasing demand to extend the life of operating assets, the risk of obsolescence has become more prevalent. It now presents significant concern to the industry, for both new and brownfield projects.

This recommended practice defines the proactive Obsolescence Management Process as it applies to automation systems for oil and gas producers.  It specifies the minimum requirements for automation systems suppliers to manage the risks of obsolescence through activities associated with: Preventing obsolescence; Predicting obsolescence; Resolving obsolescence.

The report explains the overall life cycle and a recommended process for each element of an Obsolescence Management Plan that is required to be developed and delivered by the automation systems suppliers in order to fulfil the oil and gas producer requirements.  Additionally, template forms are provided to support obsolescence management implementation.

Report 627 – Selection of system and security architectures for remote control, engineering, maintenance, and monitoring

In 2017, the IOGP Instrumentation and Automation Standards Subcommittee recognised the growth of use and interest in remote operations but noted a lack of guidance on the topic. In response, this document was developed to provide common definitions, guidelines on system architectures and security controls for remote operation, remote monitoring, remote engineering and remote maintenance of Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS).

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