Review of subsea well response capability published

In 2011, in response to several damaging oil spill incidents, IOGP Member Companies formed the Global Industry Response Group (GIRG) to ensure that the lessons from these events were applied across the industry. The GIRG focused on three areas: prevention, intervention, and response.

Its work on intervention addressed improvements in well capping response readiness (in the event of an incident) and study of the the need for, and feasibility of, global containment solutions (Report 464 – Capping and containment – Global Industry Response Group recommendations).

A new report, IOGP Report 664 – Review of subsea well response capability provides the implementation status of the recommendations set forth by IOGP Report 464.

It provides an overview of the international oil and gas industry’s ability to respond to a subsea loss of well containment with a focus on the well construction phase. The Report makes a series of recommendations for further improvements in both existing capability, and evolutions in the field of source control.

The guidance can be downloaded from the IOGP Publications Library.

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