Palle Jensen leads OGP’s geomatics activities

The Geomatics Committee’s Chair, Palle Jensen of Maersk Oil, is leading the Committee’s efforts within the Geomatics discipline  to the benefit of the OGP members and the upstream industr.

Palle graduated from Aalborg University, Denmark, in 1983 with an MSc Surveying. He began is his career as an Offshore Surveyor, moving on to Offshore QC Supervisor in 1989, and ROV Survey Manager in 1994.

In 1996 he joined Maersk Oil as Senior/Lead Surveyor to manage e&p related surveying and positioning operations. Palle is currently Geomatics Discipline Lead at Maersk Oil. This involves acting as technical authority responsible for technical standards and quality assurance within surveying, positioning, cartography and geospatial data management, and being responsible for the planning execution and management oil e&p related surveying and positioning operations.

As Chair, Palle’s priority is to “ensure that the Committee continues to its constructive efforts within the Geomatics discipline to the benefit of the OGP members and the industry at large.”

In 2013 the Committee will supplement the recently released OGP P6/11 Seismic bin grid data exchange format with a user guideline and a GIS data model. It will also publish the Technical Notes to supplement the Guidelines for the conduct of offshore drilling hazard site surveys as well as the guidance on use of coordinate reference systems in the Arctic and on integration between the OGP Seabed Survey Data Model and industry pipeline data models.

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