The Subsea Committee provides Member Companies with a forum for open and constructive dialogue on the diverse challenges, issues and opportunities associated with the Committee’s objectives.

Key Work Areas

  • HSSE

No major health, security, safety or environmental gaps have been identified within the committee’s remit. However, the committee will continue to closely monitor industry performance, actively seek and share incidents and learnings, and actively take measures to prevent and mitigate as appropriate.

  • Simplification, Standardization, Industrialization (SSI)

The Committee continues to work to achieve sustainable changes and improvements in the industry, operators, and supply chain, to further increase efficiencies.  Ongoing initiatives will be supported as applicable, and new initiatives may be proposed/supported to further improve the performance of the subsea industry.

  • Technology Qualification

The focus of the Technology Qualification activity is to support and monitor the application of industry qualification standards.


  • Lifetime Extension

The purpose of Subsea Life Extension is to maximize economic recovery from subsea assets using existing infrastructure whilst maintaining acceptable integrity and risk levels. As our installed subsea infrastructure increases and ages, and there is a greater focus on the verification of fitness for service.

The Committee will examine the drivers for Life Extension and evaluate the importance of choice of Assessment processes.


  • Flexible Pipe Subcommittee

The Flexible Pipe Subcommittee provides a forum for international operators to share knowledge and experience of flexible pipe operation, integrity management, and service life assessment to continuously reduce safety & environmental risks and improve overall lifetime costs.

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