Annual aviation safety performance data released

IOGP has released its annual aviation safety performance data report. It presents the safety performance of the aviation industry, involved in both upstream and downstream operations, reported by participating IOGP Member Companies for 2013-2022. It is published as part of the IOGP data series.

The main purposes of this Report are to record the safety performance of helicopter and aeroplane operations of the participating Member Companies from 2013-2022, and to provide data that can be used by IOGP Member Companies and others to benchmark their performance.

The key indicators for analysis of aviation operations and safety performance are:

  • fatalities
  • accidents
  • hours flown
  • passengers carried
  • flight stages performed

This Report presents overall (worldwide) and regional results against these indicators, and the rates of exposure by aircraft activity performed and type of aircraft flown.

The main Report, and a supplementary executive summary, are available to download from the IOGP publications library.

These Reports are also available on the dedicated IOGP data site,

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