JIP33 to pilot Global Equipment Hub

Following a recommendation from IOGP’s Global Equipment Hub (GEH)  Task Force, JIP33 is piloting an Equipment Hub for equipment that conforms with JIP33 specifications. It includes all standard vendor documents and data underpinned by JIP33 specifications and CFIHOS international standards.

“It’s great to see the JIP33 team leveraging our work,” said Jacob Gleason (Chevron), Chair of the GEH Task Force, which resides under the Digitalization and Information Standards Subcommittee (DISC). “The Equipment Hub is a practical and logical application of the JIP33 specifications and CFIHOS standards that have been in development over the last few years and will greatly improve the efficiency and reliability of information delivered to all industry stakeholders from the original equipment manufacturers.”

The pilot is expected to be completed by the end of summer.

Equipment Hubs can reduce the transaction costs associated with the physical and electronic transmission of information through the supply chain on major capital projects. The oil and gas industry spends millions of dollars annually during the design and build phases of such projects.

Its proposed solution was to build a cloud-based repository to store standard vendor information associated with industrial equipment, such as pumps, motors, and instruments. Vendors can upload their information one time and make it available to all of their customers, including package suppliers, EPC contractors, and owner/operators.

This can provide the industry with significant efficiency gains during a project’s design and build, operate and maintain and decommissioning phases. Additionally, all stakeholders in the supply chain would benefit from many of the same efficiency and safety related gains, making it a valuable tool throughout the industry.

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