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Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) Recommendations published

IOGP has carried out a systematic review of managed pressure drilling systems and components to identify opportunities for further improvements to existing standards and references. For those areas where potential gaps were suspected, IOGP’s Well Control Systems Subcommittee, under IOGP’s Wells Expert Committee (WEC), has provided relevant existing standards and subsequent recommendations for members of the industry – particularly IADC’s Underbalanced Operations and Managed Pressure Drilling (UBO/MPD) Committee – to use as a guide for further discussion.

The recommendations are:

  • Review and consider the applicability of other industry control system standards to MPD systems until specific industry MPD control system standards are developed.
  • Develop an MPD control system focused specification that incorporates other industry control system specification’s learnings, applicable to MPD, for manufacture, quality control and testing (factory acceptance and site-integration). This specification should also include software lifecycle requirements.
  • Include MPD control system in-field maintenance and testing requirements within an existing standard.

The position paper can be downloaded from the IOGP Publications Library.

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