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An equal world is an enabled world

By Fawaz Bitar, Chair of IOGP

I was on the school run with my daughter Yasmina (this time not to a climate change protest!) and son Khaled. The trip started with the usual arguments over what music to play. Once settled, Yasmina asked Khaled if he was a feminist, he swiftly answered absolutely not (which I tacitly agreed with). She asked us if we knew what a feminist was, we both answered with a definition that had a somewhat negative connotation. We were quickly corrected and learned that a feminist is someone who believes in the power of women as much as they believe in the power of anyone else. It’s about respect and equality.

These two words matter in the workplace every day – but especially today, International Women’s Day, a day that celebrates the great achievements of women, as well as acts as a call to action to enforce, and advocate for gender equality. Everyone can play a role: advocacy, inclusive mindsets and tangible action are needed from us all. So let’s truly forge the agenda and make a difference for women of the present and girls of the future – an equal world is an enabled world.

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