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3 questions on IOGP’s strategic review

In each edition of Pulse, we publish a short interview with an IOGP colleague or Committee Member. This month’s interview is with Iman Hill, IOGP’s Executive Director.

  1. What impressed you most during the strategic review?  

There were a few things that impressed me but I’ll just mention a few for now; i) the depth, breadth and rigour of the work and analysis and ii) how engaged, constructively vocal and supportive our members were, iii) the robust and challenging discussions in the management committee meetings that drove the best outcome for the strategic work and last but not least the fact that we never lost sight of the governing principle for the strategic review which was that the new strategy would be founded on our members input and voices.

2. If you had to name the key change resulting from the strategic review: Which would that be?

At IOGP we have been working on low carbon workstreams for some time. Going forward this work will be a central pillar of our business plan which is why we have created a new Energy Transition directorate, and we  are very fortunate to have already identified the new Energy Transition director, Concetto Fischetti. He will be seconded to us from Eni and takes up his role at the beginning of September.

3. What will be the first steps to implement the new strategy?
We are already in implementation mode and this will continue throughout the rest of the year and will be an integral part of our 2022 business planning process.

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