DISC 2021 Plans Announced

Emile Coetzer
Emile Coetzer, Chevron, Chair of DISC

After a review of its role and strategy in January, the Digitalization and Information Standards Subcommittee (DISC) has announced its plans for 2021. They include continuing its efforts in standards and standards adoption, supported by detailed review – a core remit of the subcommittee. “This year we are using a more structured method to review standards,” says Emile Coetzer, Chevron, who leads DISC. “We believe this will better equip our Member companies to decide which standards they would choose to implement.” There is also an active drive to increase participation of member companies.

Given the 2019 Data Standards Opportunity Survey (DSOS), and the existence of four new studies in the ensuing year, DISC is also reviewing these five studies to ensure internal alignment and reinforce a focused drive.

The Digitalization theme is front and center of the oil & gas industry, and with good reason.  The DISC’s contribution is hosting two pilots, both in conjunction with the OSDU. The pilots are focusing on helicopter schedule optimization and P&ID’s.

Looking beyond its immediate remit, the DISC is also seeking alignment with related work within the IOGP and in related work. With a particular focus on cooperation with the World Economic Forum (WEF) and Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU), the DISC plans to continue building alignment with relevant entities in 2021.

DISC plans to post regular status updates throughout the year.

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