Brussels guests bask in IOGP hospitality

Shirtsleeves, bare arms and chilled wine were the order of  the day at the summer reception given by Brussels office  on the evening of 25 June. The historic gardens of De  Warande provided an appropriately leafy setting.

Guests included representatives from IOGP Member Companies, the EU Institutions and other stakeholders.

IOGP Chair Fawaz Bitar welcomes Brussels guests

IOGP Management Committee Chair Fawaz Bitar welcomed the attendees with a short talk about “the defining issue of our time”, which is to meet the “dual challenge of providing more energy with fewer emissions.” The best way to meet that challenge is to bring together corporations and trade associations; citizens and NGOs; government and international bodies so that they all “understand each other’s perspectives and collaborate to find solutions,” he said. As an example, he cited an IOGP-supported workshop earlier that day in Brussels, where participants looked at the potential of blue hydrogen from natural gas.

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