Updated marine spill preparedness and response good practice guides published

In partnership with Ipieca, IOGP has released updated marine spill preparedness and response good practice guides. This Ipieca-IOGP series aims to align practices, inform stakeholders, and promote awareness and education on marine spill preparedness and response. The new releases are IOGP-Ipieca Reports 517 – Incident Management System for the oil and gas industry, 515 – Oil spill exercises, and 480 – Oil spill responder health and safety.

Incident Management System for the oil and gas industry

An Incident Management System (IMS) is essential for optimizing response times, providing clarity in command and control, improving resource coordination, and facilitating the cooperation and integration of responding organizations.

This document introduces the structure of an IMS to stakeholders, such as contractors, governmental entities, and response agencies, who may be asked to provide expertise, assistance, or response resources during an emergency

Oil spill exercises

A well designed and implemented oil spill exercise programme enables personnel to simulate emergency response actions in a controlled, low-risk setting, providing the opportunity to assess and improve plans, responsibilities, and coordination.

This document is for those responsible for ensuring that oil spill contingency plans are practiced and verified, providing guidance on developing a programme that meets an organization’s or facility’s requirements.

Oil spill responder health and safety

When there is an oil spill, the health and safety of everyone, including the public and responders, are of the highest importance.

This document focuses on practical and technical safety considerations when responding to an oil spill. It identifies the main health and safety issues, their severity, and the practical steps needed to minimize the impact of the spill.

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