Statement from Gordon Ballard on Covid-19

“The health and safety of our industry’s employees and their families is of paramount importance and our top priority. As IOGP we are committed to support our members through these challenging times.

Some two months ago, our joint Health Committee (with IPIECA) convened to focus on the implications of Covid-19 in terms of travel, screening, office routines, cleaning, how to and when to evacuate infected parties, and general work in remote or offshore locations.  More recently, the agenda has expanded to include social distancing, work rotations, Covid-19 testing and the mental health concerns associated with continuing isolation.  Our Safety Committee is meeting weekly to share and help harmonise responses on both medical and operational aspects of the virus.  As examples, IOGP and HeliOffshore (representing helicopter operators) have built on our close relationship to help ensure safe helicopter transport of suspected or infected parties, whilst taking account of the infection risk.  Current discussions are addressing social distancing on helicopters and business continuity. 

Our industry has faced serious threats before.  IOGP was founded in 1974 when a geopolitical crisis threatened both oil supplies and the reputations of oil producers.  In almost half a century, IOGP has learned that challenges create opportunities.  One of the Association’s key roles has been to record and disseminate what we have learned from previous major industry disruptions.  Covid-19 will be no exception.

I am encouraged by the increased level of collaboration we see amongst IOGP Members during this difficult period.  Using this momentum, we will accelerate industry improvements in health and safety. 

Whether working in your usual work of place or at home, keep well.”


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