Statement from Gordon Ballard on Covid-19

The health and safety of our industry’s employees and their families is of paramount importance and our top priority. IOGP is committed to support its Members through these challenging times.

Our Committees continue to meet and work through the various phases of response. The focus is shifting from the initial ‘safeguard our work force and installations’ phase to the ‘return to the office’ challenge.

On May 4th, we published a joint statement (with IPIECA) on COVID-19 testing in the oil and gas industry. It compared two common testing types, their strengths and limitations and outlined a method to assess if testing is appropriate for a specific operational site or organization. It will be reviewed on a monthly basis, or sooner if appropriate.

International travel restrictions are another area of concern – key workers in many industries are unable to travel to/from their place of work. We want to ensure that host governments across the world give key workers in the energy industry the same status as seafarers and mariners. To that end, IOGP participated in a UN Global Compact project to keep ocean-related supply chains moving. Its report, Imminent threats to the integrity of global supply chains has now been presented at the most senior levels within the UN. 

As this situation develops we will publish regular updates on measures the Association and its Members have put in place.

Whether working in your usual work of place or at home, keep well.

COVID-19 Updates – Industry response and impact

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