Dispersant decision toolkit now available

Quick guides to help rapid decision-making on dispersant use

Did you know that dispersants can be an effective way of minimizing the overall ecological and socioeconomic damage of oil spills, enhancing natural biodegradation processes, and preventing oil from reaching coastal habitats and shorelines?

The oil spill response industry has many good practice guides and technical manuals that explain what dispersants are, and when and how to use them correctly. IOGP and Ipieca’s new dispersant decision toolkit draws together this information in a clear and concise infographic poster and animated video.

These tools are quick and easy to consult and will guide the user through every key decision that needs to be made before using dispersants, helping first responders decide if dispersant use is appropriate. It accompanies the Ipieca-IOGP guidance on dispersants.
Download the toolkit here https://lnkd.in/dCmZwy-c

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