4 ways IOGP is advancing industry-wide information standards

IOGP’s Digitalization and Information Standards Subcommittee (DISC), now chaired by Emile Coetzer (Chevron), is committed to advancing information standards and digitalization opportunities. In 2020, it delivered four important studies to support the work of the Subcommittee.

  1. The DSDA – Data Standards Domain Analysis study is the first exploration of the available data standards for oil and gas. The study analyzed a sample of 100 information standards against criteria such as Asset Lifecycle Phase, Engineering Discipline, Business Process, and Infraction Class. It identified opportunities in the Process Safety and Asset Integrity disciplines, Information Management, and Information Technology.
  2. The Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Taskforce conducted a study to create a common understanding of the applicability of PLM to the oil and gas industry, test assumptions around benefits, and understand the effort and risks relating to the implementation of PLM principles in a capital project environment.
  3. The Global Equipment Hub (GEH) Taskforce, formed to explore options for a cloud-based repository of standard vendor documents and data, produced an in-depth business case detailing the various benefits that a central information repository would provide.
  4. The Industry Digitalization Roadmap (IDR) Taskforce conducted extensive research into the extent to which the industry has embraced digitalization. It concluded that data foundation standards are needed and that data applications should be separated via an API layer.

It also proposed a trilateral alliance between IOGP, OSDU (Open Subsurface Data Universe), and the WEF (World Economic Forum).

Updates on each of these activities will be posted on the DISC webpage in the coming weeks.

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