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IADC launches subsea technician credentialing program

Brooke Polk
Brooke Polk, IADC Senior Director-Accreditation Operations

IADC, an IOGP Member organisation, has announced the launch of a Subsea Competency Assessment Program.  The initiative, partially  funded and supported by IOGP’s Wells Experts Committee, formalizes an industry-wide methodology to assess and verify the knowledge and skills of subsea technicians and provides them with a clear pathway for credentialing.

The program provides a job-specific knowledge and skill competency profile for assessing and credentialing Subsea Technicians. Guidelines and criteria for achieving the credential are provided to ensure global application as well as consistent individual assessment criteria.

“This is a long-awaited program that was built on industry need with key stakeholder involvement from operators and drilling contractors,” said Brooke Polk, IADC Senior Director-Accreditation Operations.

“IADC was honoured to be chosen by a group of operators to lead the initiative and administer the program. It speaks volumes for the collaborative nature of the project and the trust operator companies place in IADC programs.”

“The association is grateful for IOGP’s help to promote the new program and spread awareness of its importance.”

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