New study identifies Europe’s supply options to replace Russian gas before 2030

“In the current energy crisis, will Europe be able to substitute Russian gas imports?”

As Europe moves away from Russian gas, following its invasion of Ukraine, several questions on natural gas supply were left unanswered.

Together with the American Petroleum Institute (API), IOGP Europe mobilized our industry’s knowledge and asked Rystad Energy to explore if, how, and when Russian imports could be replaced in “Rebalancing Europe’s gas supply: opportunities in a new era”, a study that builds on insights from the full gas value chain, including with technical input from the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG) and Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE).

Despite short-term challenges and significant impact on European households and enterprises in the next years, the report shows that Europe can progressively rebalance its gas supply and replace Russian gas imports well before 2030. This can be achieved with new alternative supply sources combined with a well-integrated market and interconnected infrastructure able to handle new flow patterns, in respect of ambitious climate policy goals.

Access the full report, the main findings, and policy recommendations here.

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