Oil and gas: towards a lower carbon future

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Now, more than ever, there is increasing demand to reduce GHG emissions in the oil and gas sector.

The opportunities and challenges in reducing and managing emissions, including better monitoring of flaring, venting and fugitive emissions, carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies, and utilization of associated gas, will be discussed in two upcoming webinars.

On Wednesday 30 June, in a 60-minute webinar, Wendy Brown, IOGP Environment Director, asked the experts – Harshit Agrawal, David Newman, and Philip Ringrose – what challenges the international oil and gas industry faces on flaring, methane emissions, and carbon capture and storage (CCS) and what IOGP is doing to support its Members and the wider oil and gas industry.

Now Available On Demand

And, on 6 July, a panel of experts that includes representatives from UNEP, Carbon Limits, IOGP, and the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate will discuss available technologies that contribute to climate mitigation in upstream oil and gas production.

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