Let’s talk about offshore structures

In November, IOGP ran two successful technical webinars, attracting over 300 attendees per session.

With this year’s Offshore Structures Reliability Conference being cancelled due to COVID-19, the IOGP Offshore Structures Subcommittee staged virtual engagement sessions with the offshore structures’ community to inform and discuss the significant technical developments that have occurred since the 2018 conference.

The first webinar focused on recent developments in wave load, the second covered performance-based design for offshore structures. To increase the value of these virtual sessions to offshore structural engineers, preparatory online videos were provided.

Although structural reliability is an important subject, most structural engineers have not been formally trained in structural reliability and this makes dissemination and discussion of the recent developments difficult.

“The large number of attendees confirms that this is an important topic for structural engineers in the oil and gas industry,” said Ramsay Fraser, one of the organizers. “There remains a considerable amount of work to develop this subject for consistent and effective implementation as part of a decision process, however, the webinar sessions over 2 days and the pre-webinar videos made good progress in this endeavour.”

The slides from the event are available to download here.

A third webinar on floating offshore structures is being planned.

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