IOGP’s 2020 EGM – a virtual tour d’horizon

On 18th and 19th November, the Association showcased the exceptional work of its Committees in IOGP’s first virtual Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).

Throughout the event – that was open for every Member employee sitting on one of IOGP’s groups – almost 400 individuals took the opportunity to learn from over 50 speakers about IOGP’s support for its Members in the areas of environmental performance, safety, standards, and more. Each committee presented twice on both days to make sure that everyone interested in a topic could chose to either enjoy a high-level overview or to engage in an in-depth “Deep Dive” session. On average, each participant attended almost four sessions.

One particularly popular session was the “Fireside Talk” in which both outgoing Executive Director, Gordon Ballard, and his successor, Iman Hill, shared their views on the industry and the role of IOGP.

All sessions were recorded and are accessible for members on the event webpage where you will also find the recorded speeches from Fawaz Bitar, IOGP Chair, and from Nick Butler, Visiting Professor, King’s College, London. “I would like to thank everyone involved for making this event such an exciting experience. Each Committee can be very proud of their accomplishments,” says Iman Hill, IOGP’s new Executive Director.

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