IOGP identifies 72 uses for paliwo, olje, erdol…

The benefits of oil are all around us, but only if we know where to look. As part of the Association’s effort to make the case for oil and gas, IOGP has produced a multi-language graphic to stress the positive impact that oil has on everyday life.

Based on artwork commissioned by ExxonMobil in Germany, the IOGP version is available on in nine languages: Polish, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch and Portuguese as well as the original German and English.

Global Engagement Manager Olaf Martins says the translations won’t necessarily stop there. ‘Our audience is global – and so are the benefits of oil. People primarily think of oil as a transport fuel – and it’s vital in that role. But it’s equally important in other aspects of contemporary life. The more we can bring that truth home in people’s native languages, the better they will realize the role that oil plays in their lives,’ Olaf says.

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