JIP33 – Standardizing Procurement Specifications – our 2020

By Adri Postema

Adri Postema

The JIP33 programme has had an extremely productive year. We’ve reached some major milestones this year: more than doubling the amount of published specifications, setting up our second delivery centre in Houston, and establishing the EPC Partner Group, which now has 11 members.

Almost 90% of our Phase 1 and 2 specifications have been used to purchase equipment, while adoption of Phase 2 specifications is running at a pace matching the current investment climate.

Anecdotal evidence and systematic supplier case studies are also showing that the underlying business case for JIP33 is sound, with users experiencing both time and cost savings.

The specifications

Currently, over 300 subject matter experts are sharing their knowledge, insights, and experience with us in 20 working groups, delivering new specifications, upgrading existing ones, and working with SDOs to improve the parent standards. More than 15 specifications are currently in development and will be published during the remainder of 2020 and in 2021.

We achieved this despite big changes to our ways of working because of COVID-19.  We are extremely grateful to all our SME’s and working groups for their positive attitude and flexibility in adapting to new virtual ways of collaborating, so we could continue delivering quality specifications at pace. Thank you all very much!

Our programme for next year is equally ambitious. The focus of new specifications moves towards delivering more building blocks for packages. We will also be stepping up work on upgrading and expanding existing specifications, as well as working with SDO’s closely to further enhance the underlying industry standards.

Driving awareness and adoption

Turning awareness of JIP33 specifications into adoption and use across the industry is an integral part of the programme.  This year we created a short video “Introduction to JIP33” and an infographic “JIP33 on a page” for people at the start of this journey. Both have been shared widely since their launch. Our community on LinkedIn is also growing – rising to over 1,100 followers in just a year.

We also adapted our Industry Day events into a digital format. Over 200 people signed up for our first Online Seminar in October 2020, with this being the first JIP33 event for nearly three quarters of the attendees. We hope it will be the first of many similar events.

In 2021, we will continue to engage widely with operators, EPCs, and suppliers to drive adoption of JIP33 as preferred specification choice across the oil and gas supply chain.  We encourage all IOGP Members to start using the JIP33 specifications; together we can build scale and reap maximum benefits of the program. We will also seek increased input from users and groups through more JIP33 user groups and networks.

We’ve made a lot of progress in 2020 despite the challenges of COVID-19 and difficult conditions in the oil and gas sector. None of it would be possible without the support and commitment of a great many people, sponsors, SMEs, EPCs, and suppliers.  A very sincere and heartfelt thank you to all.

2021 will be equally busy. Please keep supporting us by continuing to be involved, sharing your insights with us, and spreading the news about how JIP33 can deliver real benefits across the oil and gas industry supply chain.

Adri Postema is Director of the JIP33 Programme

The Programme, which was started by IOGP in 2016, is developing standardized procurement specifications that enable the industry supply chain to become better, cheaper, and faster.

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