2023 Annual Report provides comprehensive overview of IOGP achievements

IOGP has released its 2023 Annual Report, providing details of the association’s ambitions and achievements in 2022 and covering crucial topics such as progress against our strategy, the energy transition, regional challenges, and membership engagement.

The main structure follows the three pillars of our strategy:

Ed Walsingham, Head of Strategy & Operations, reviews progress on the implementation of the recommendations of the IOGP Strategic Review – accompanied by a two-page infographic on how the association is maximizing impact and delivering value to Members.

Johana Dunlop, Head of Membership provides a summary of Membership engagement in 2022, with introductions to the 15 new Member companies which joined the IOGP in the past year.

The Annual Report also includes sections on regional challenges and priorities, as well as membership engagement. These sections provide insights into the issues that are most pressing for the industry in different parts of the world, as well as the ways in which IOGP is enabling a powerful community of 90 companies and their 2,000 delegates to collaborate in addressing these challenges in ways that are both agile and yet accommodate the complexity of such a wide spectrum of views and experiences. The resulting products consistently raise the standards of our industry’s performance.

Overall, the 2023 Annual Report is an important milestone for the organization and the industry as a whole. It provides a comprehensive overview of the progress that has been made in areas such as safety and sustainability, as well as outlining the steps that need to be taken to achieve the industry’s ambitious goals and commitment to continuous improvement.

IOGP 2023 Annual Report is available to download from the Publications Library.

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